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The PS5’s DualSense also suffers from the “drift” of the sticks: because so many pads have the same problem

Users are reporting analog stick “drift” issues with the PlayStation 5’s DualSense as well. This is an issue where movement of one or both of the controller sticks is detected even without user interaction: the virtual character or the camera, therefore, still move.

On Reddit, as Kotaku pointed out, the reports of users who are warning of having had this type of problem with the PS5 pad have begun to spread, even after ten days from the purchase of the console. Article link

The problem is the same as involving Nintendo Switch: the company has acknowledged the defect to the point that it offers controller replacement even out of warranty. Furthermore, a class action has been initiated by consumers.

As for the DualSense, the problem is recognized by the warranty: the user, however, is responsible for paying the shipping costs of the controller to the nearest repair center.

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The faulty analog sticks, however, have also affected other past controllers, such as that of the Xbox One and the DualShock 4 of PlayStation 4.

A problem destined to repeat itself

At the base of the “drift” of the analog sticks there is in fact a common denominator: the quality of the unit used. No stick is built specifically for a console controller – these are units that have been on the market for years; that’s why the problem is common to different consoles spanning multiple generations. To demonstrate this, the iFixit teardown, for example, showed that the DualSense levers are the same as those used for the DualShock 4.

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The idea is to save on the construction of each controller, despite the problems that are then caused to the players.

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The problem is therefore destined to repeat itself as long as the same unit is used: which deteriorates over time and therefore registers contacts which, in reality, did not take place; ie the “drift” of the levers.


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