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Poste Italiane, home delivery of medicines starts from Rome

From today, even the Romans can request home delivery of drugs Thanks to the agreement signed by Poste Italiane with 4k srl through the proprietary platform Pharmap, it will be possible to request the delivery of any product from your trusted pharmacy, including prescription drugs, without go out home.

How to request home delivery of medicines

To request the service, simply browse the website (also available via the APP), select the trusted pharmacy from among those participating in the initiative and choose the products to be received at home in “instant” mode, ie with delivery within 90 minutes from the order or “programmed”, by selecting the desired time slot. For the home delivery service, various payment methods are accepted, directly on the platform by credit card, or conveniently on delivery.

In which cities is the service available

In addition to the capital, the service is already active in 21 other cities throughout the national territory (Bergamo, Bologna, Brescia, Carpi, Catania, Como, Ferrara, Genoa, Imola, Livorno, Mestre, Milan, Modena, Padua, Reggio Nell ‘Emilia, Rovigo, Savona, Teramo, Turin, Varese and Vicenza), and will soon be available in another 95 locations (in “next-day” mode, with delivery within the day following that of the request). The aim of the agreement is to reach, in the coming months, covering about 1000 locations throughout Italy with the service.


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