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Omceo Rome, Patrizi: agreement on doctors excellent thing, but necessary attention

Rome – “There is satisfaction with the agreement but this is not an anti-flu campaign, we need more attention”. Thus Cristina Patrizi, doctor and secretary of the Order of Doctors of Rome, asked by Dire about the agreement between the government and the trade unions of family doctors to involve them in the anti-Covid vaccination campaign.

“This is an agreement for the benefit of the citizens and of a public health campaign that is increasingly urgent to define better, so we are happy to have reached an agreement. Now we will devote a lot of attention to the organizational profiles and to the individual regional management of the vaccination campaign, because our concern is that first of all all health professionals are vaccinated, this phase must be completed quickly to expand the number of vaccinators, and this step does not it’s still over ”, Patrizi underlined.

“All the effort made as the Order of Rome to collect the adhesions of freelance health professionals and retired doctors, to be vaccinated in the Lazio Region, we hope will not be thrown away and we hope that it will be completed as soon as possible. Now the national and regional bodies must concretely transform the points of the agreement reached ”.

With respect to the involvement of territorial continuity medicine, that is the whole sector of affiliated doctors and medical guards as vaccinators, Patrizi warns: “it is important that general practitioners act as a single body with continuity medicine assistance, so we are also satisfied with their involvement, but remember: this is not a flu campaign, we must be prepared and very careful, joining forces implies a dose of greater precision and organization ”.


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