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official release date from Ubisoft –

The online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion finally has a date of Exit official, announced by Ubisoft: Will be available to all game owners starting March 9 with a free update.

As reported a few minutes ago in our Watch Dogs: Legion multiplayer test, the new mode is hilarious, chaotic in the right way and characterized by very interesting PvP mechanics.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online Mode will include the following features for all players in the free March 9 update:

  • A open world free-roam cooperativo where players will be able to join their friends in groups of up to four people to explore London, participate in city events, complete missions and perform side activities.
  • New His mission in co-op from two to four players who will use the co-op game mechanics and give players the opportunity to recruit the perfect team to fight the dangers in the most characteristic scenarios of the city.
  • “Pack leader”, the first Tactical Operation for four players which will require teamwork and efficiency. It will include five interconnected missions that will be endgame content, made for players looking for challenges. Players will need to plan and communicate effectively with their teammates, making sure they have up-to-date gadgets and recruit an efficient team of characters.
  • The first PvP mode (Player-vs-Player) will be the Spiderbot Arena, where four players will control armed spider-drones and compete in adrenaline-pumping deathmatches.

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Additionally, as part of Watch Dogs: Legion’s grand 2021 post-launch campaign, all players will have access to future free updates such as PvP Invasion, all new co-op missions and free characters.

Season Pass holders will also have access to extra DedSec missions, Watch Dogs: Legion expansion, Bloodline, new playable protagonists such as Mina, a transhuman experiment subject who possesses the ability to control minds; Darcy, member of the Order of Assassins; Aiden Pearce and Wrench from past episodes of Watch Dogs.

The Watch Dogs: Legion Season Pass is available for purchase as part of the Gold, Ultimate and Collector editions.


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