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New Covid Decree: color parameters and rules, what changes with Draghi

A Cabinet morning which was not followed by a press conference, but a simple statement aimed at making known the first official decree. This lo dry and sober style with which the new premier Mario Draghi, yesterday, Monday 22 February 2021, started dictate the line in times of pandemics. The line remains of the rigor. There was no lack of comparison with the fringes of aperturists as part of the Cdm. Theme dear to Matteo Salvini that of the reopening of restaurants: the leader of the Carroccio makes it known that he will continue this battle within the government structure. Let’s see, in detail, in which direction Draghi intends to move within the pandemic management.

Colors remain, parameters change

Promoted on three color system, while they are intended for change the parameters. It will be resized on Technical-scientific committee – for which a spokesperson will speak – who will continue to provide the government with the data and scenarios on the basis of which political decisions will be made. The possible “turning point” on vaccines, inspired by the English model who decided to give more people to the first dose of the serum without setting aside for the second recall. Draghi demonstrates his air of pro-European breath also in setting the strategy of the fight against Covid: in fact, a telephone appointment with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, to discuss the trend of viruses (and variants) in Europe.

It remains the dIbid of moving between Regions

The Mario Draghi’s first decree law continues on the path of continuity and prudence: a starting from the extension to March 27 of the ban on travel between Regions, including yellow ones and the end, for the red areas, of the derogation that allowed people to visit relatives and friends.

“In consideration of the evolution of the epidemiological situation, the decree provides for the continuation, until March 27, 2021, throughout the national territory, of the ban on moving between different Regions or Autonomous Provinces, except for movements motivated by proven work needs or situations of health needs or reasons. In any case, the return to one’s own residence, domicile or home is permitted. Until March 27, 2021, in the red areas, Movements to private dwellings other than one’s own are not permitted, unless they are due to work, necessity or health reasons. “

We had already tasted an appetizer of this prudence when Draghi, already in the first hours of his mandate, had authorized Roberto Speranza a stop at the last minute the reopening of the ski resorts. During yesterday’s CDM, the Minister of Health reiterated: “It is time for maximum rigor, it’s not the time for reopening. The numbers do not allow us to let our guard down ”and the new prime minister has shown himself aligned.

The rules: displacements, second box and visit

After framing the themes and intentions of the new government in general, let’s move on to current rules.

Movements between Regions

The the ban on travel between Regions, including yellow ones, is extended until March 27, 2021. However, travel is allowed for “proven needs” and therefore for reasons of work, health and urgency. To cross the regional borders you must have the self-certification form and the necessary documentation to prove that the movement falls within the permitted exceptions. There are no limitations on the means used: you can travel by train, car or plane. The permitted exceptions concern:

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Work reasons, Health reasons, Urgent reasons, Separated parents.

The visit

Red zone – In the red areas it is not allowed to “go and visit friends or relatives in a house other than one’s own”. This is the novelty that tightens the links inserted in the decree on displacements approved yesterday. The possibility of a visit is instead remained for those who live in the regions that are in the yellow and orange band, always respecting some rules.

Yellow zone – Visits to relatives and friends allowed “once a day and for a maximum of two people in addition to children under 14 years of age. You can go from 5 to 22 and always remaining within your region.

Orange zone – Allowed to visit relatives and friends only once a day and for a maximum of two people in addition to children under 14 years of age. You can go from 5 to 22 and always remaining within your municipality. For those who live in the regions in the orange band in a municipality with less than 5,000 inhabitants, visits to relatives and friends are allowed from 5 to 22 “even to different municipalities, as long as they are within 30 kilometers of the borders.

Rules in the car

I families can travel by car together without restrictions. Non-cohabitants can instead stay in the car maximum in three not occupying the seat next to the driver. Passengers must be in the rear seat, spaced apart and with the mask on.

Second box

Always allowed to go in second box even if they are found in red or orange zone. But always following the rules of the Government. Only one family can go. The destination house must not be inhabited by people not belonging to the family unit.

Yellow zone – In the second homes that are located within their own region in the yellow band, the rule of visits to relatives and friends applies. And therefore two people can go, even with children under 14, even if the house is inhabited. But in this case we cannot stop to sleep.

Property or rent – Only the family unit of the person you can prove to have can go to second homes title to live there. In short, it is not enough to say “it’s my aunt’s house who leaves it to me for the weekend”. It is therefore excluded that a second home is meant a house rented for short periods after January 14, 2021.


It is not allowed to leave your region for tourism reasons and therefore it is excluded that you can stay in hotels or rented houses or other accommodation facilities.

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