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Luis Alberto: “If the club decides to sell me it’s another story, but I’m fine at Lazio”

Luis Alberto, Lazio midfielder, spoke to Mark in view of the match against Bayern Munich in the Champions League: “I’m getting back in shape, I forced to return because I came from a good moment and I didn’t return to the top. After the match against Atalanta I regretted the injury has opened “. Then speaking of the Champions League: “No one gives us as favorites but we have our chances. We like teams that attack and give space. To go far we have to beat the best. The team is happy again and we have to continue like this.” Then speaking of the quarrel with Lotito he declared: “It was resolved in the way it should have been resolved. I put myself at the disposal of Inzaghi and Peruzzi and nobody can blame me for my sacrifice”. Finally on the future: “I’m fine at Lazio. If the club decides to sell me it’s another story, but as long as I have a contract with the Biancoceleste I want to be the best.”

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