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Latest Rome News of 23-02-2021 at 13:10

romadailynews radiogiornale Good afternoon from the editorial staff by Francesco Vitale in the studio at the opening we go to Congo the investigation into the guato an emissary today in Rome according to local sources at the origin of the attack that cost the ambassador’s life to the carabiniere And they would have been on the track an attempted kidnapping But the matrix is ​​not yet Clear personal letter from the Congolese president to Prime Minister Draghi the Irish forces were not us Sara Garino brings him for advice some help remembers him as one of the best servants of the state and the international community Luca Attanasio the ambassador of Italy in Congo tragically perished near Gomezal escort carabiniere Vittorio Iacobacci Then local driver during an attack on the the convoy on which they were traveling had not yet turned 44, the three were participating in a lesson ne of WFP in the world food program to bring food and aid to populations severely affected by famines and the ferocity of the clashes between opposing ethnic groups that help the region of Attanasio speaks with emotion to Eureka ideas for Italy and Europe ambassador Giulio third for years our representative first at the United Nations then in Washington underlining all the quality not only diplomatic but also above all human personal commitment is a motivation to do the good of the people to take care of others Sub-Saharan at the Farnesina this nose had also been consul general In Casablanca before diMarika commissioned Shazam a second third seat of strategic importance for Italy for the same web the third ambassador who also president of the scientific committee of Eureka conclude by looking for the exemplary values ​​of solidarity commitment embodied until the end of the real young Ambassador mind a great man and a great person who represented Italy in the best of his identity that of humanitarian intervention and is the aid to the populations let’s go to Milan attacks passers-by with a knife in the people the Filipino man kills him with previous Perhaps in an altered state during the attack he lashed himself several times against the agents one of whom after trying to contain him shot and killed Rossella for the murder appeased the fifty year old found dead yesterday morning in Bondeno in the province of Ferrara was night the cohabitant of the 45-year-old woman Doriano Saveri from Bologna the measure issued by the pm Longhi was executed at 4 in the provincial command of the Carabinieri the separate construction craftsman lived with the worker victim in a biomedical company the suspect would have provided the PM interrogated incomplete version of contradictory facts contrasted with serious evidence against him was taken to prison l and investigations continue we go to Myanmar already has the second largest city in the country the funeral was held for you Etna groin 37 years one of the two protesters killed by security forces last Saturday the man along with a teenager were killed when he was sweaty opened fire on the crowd that gathered to support the dock workers the authorities were trying to force to work were on strike as many civil servants workers of state-owned enterprises as part of the civil disobedience movement against the February 1st goal and that’s all Good continuation of speech and good afternoon
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