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here are the provinces and municipalities. The new prohibitions

A piece of Lombardy in the orange zone. As announced by the councilor for welfare, Letizia Moratti, Pirellone has decided to place the entire province of Brescia, the municipality of Soncino – Cremona – and the municipalities of Viadanica, Predore, Adrara San Martino, Sarnico, Villongo, Castelli in the orange zone Calepio, Credaro and Gandosso, all from Bergamo.

In the past few hours, the alarm had come from the city of Brescia and the neighboring municipalities for the explosion of covid infections – partly linked to the variants of the virus – and from the region they decided to intervene immediately to try to contain the damage.

To the normal restrictions of this risk range, others are added to contain infections within schools, such as: closing of infant-toddler centers, preschools and elementary schools, no face-to-face lessons in universities. Moving to second homes will be prohibited and smart working will be made mandatory where possible.

The order for the passage in the orange zone will be signed the same day by President Fontana. He himself had already transformed the municipalities of Bollate, Viggiù, Mede and Castrezzato into the red zone last week.

Bans in ‘reinforced’ orange zone

In the orange zone – therefore in the province of Brescia and in the other 8 municipalities affected by the ordinance – movements will be allowed only within their own municipality, although the usual recommendation to avoid “unnecessary movements” will remain.

It will be possible to leave the municipal boundaries, by presenting the self-certification, for the usual reasons of work, necessity and health. Excluding the possibility of leaving the municipality to visit relatives and friends.

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Save the exemption for residents in municipalities with less than 5 thousand inhabitants: they will be able to cross the borders of their own country and move towards municipalities within a distance of 30 kilometers, but without reaching the provincial capitals. Moving to second homes will be prohibited.

All schools closed and also bars and restaurants closed, which will be able to take away until 10pm – only until 6pm for places without kitchens – and home without time limits. The shops will remain open while the shopping centers – precisely as a ‘reinforcement’ of the bans – will be closed.

“A single dose of vaccine”

“The decision was made after consulting our Data Commission, made up of representatives of the scientific world and in agreement with the Ministry,” said the Vice President of the Lombardy Region, Letizia Moratti, in the Regional Council Hall.

“We have also decided – he continued – a remodeling of the vaccination strategy as a priority tool for containing the infection in order to provide for the administration of a single dose or the postponement of six months for its administration. A possible positive response would allow us to have greater availability of the vaccine, which is currently a scarce measure “.

“Lombardy Region – Moratti stressed – is implementing careful health surveillance to intervene in a limited and preventive way on areas that today appear critical, also due to the variants that are spreading rapidly. The strategy is being implemented in order to allow, at the same time, those areas not affected by an acceleration of the contagion, to continue their normal activities “.

“Finally, vaccination activities will be concentrated as far as possible and the guidelines of the Ministry – concluded the vice-president – in particular starting from the Municipalities on the border between the province of Brescia and Bergamo with an important outbreak of contagion linked to the variants and situation of tension linked to the saturation of local intensive care “.


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