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from GameStop appear two mysterious games in the database –

The Pokémon LEAKS Center Twitter account posted an image that appears to have been taken from a computer inside GameStop. From this screen you can see how two mysterious SKUs have been added, or fictitious positions that must be filled once you have the first information of the games, to Nintendo Switch. That they are the placeholders of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl?

For several weeks now we have been talking about the phantom remakes of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. According to the well-informed, in fact, the remake of the two masterpieces for Nintendo DS will be the culmination of the celebrations of the 25 years old of his pocket monsters.

Second Centro Pokémon LEAKS to corroborate these theories comes a screen that seems to have been taken directly from the computers that have access to the GameStop database. From what can be seen, in the past few hours two new mysterious games have been added for the Nintendo Switch at a cost of 59.99 dollars. In the past, this was done just hours before some major game was announced. This is a way to have everything ready and to start booking operations a few seconds after the official presentation.

Since it is said that the presentation of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl remake is around the corner, many saw this addition to the GS database as a sort of confirmation of their theories / desires. At the moment there is no way to verify if it is Pokémon games or not, but – as always – we will tell you every evolution of the story.


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