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Esselunga surprises with a flyer that aims to win on Unieuro

long S takes all the direct rivals in the electronics resale sector by surprise, with the launch of a promotional campaign that focuses on a product not too much taken for granted in the past, but which could still attract consumer interest.

The flyer, as always when we talk about offered tech, appears to be available exclusively in stores in the area, this means that purchases can in no way be completed online on the company website. The product is marketed with legal guarantee of 24 months, in this way any factory defect will be completely repaired free.

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Esselunga: what is the product in promotion

The product on which long S wanted to focus its attention is the Mediacom 14 Edge, we can almost define it as a hybrid between a notebook and a tablet, currently on sale for the modest sum of 279 euro.

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Its technical specifications describe it as a device with processor Intel Celeron N3350, to which they have been joined 64GB internal memory e 4GB of RAM, with a small display IPS LCD gives 14 inches, non touchscreen.

Clearly, as can be easily understood, we are talking about an extremely cheap terminal, to be purchased only to carry out basic operations, without particularly high demands. The cost so reduced, and above all the size, they recommend it mostly for those looking for great portability for distance learning or for very basic operations in the workplace.


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