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Covid outbreaks in schools in Quarto Oggiaro and Arese, an English variant is feared

The city of Arese and the Milanese quarter of Quarto Oggiaro “observed special”, in these days, for possible outbreaks of the English variant of Covid. And there is the possibility, not yet ascertained, that these situations are linked to the outbreak that broke out in Bollate, the municipality in the northern hinterland of Milan that ended up in the red zone for this reason.

In Arese, a middle school teacher residing in Bollate tested positive for Covid and the management decided to carry out a targeted screening by swabbing the students and staff in contact with that teacher, while continuing the teaching activity. But, according to the communication released to the families, those who do not undergo the test will necessarily have to interrupt the frequency for at least fourteen days from the date of the “missed” swab.

The guard is high: at first, as soon as the red zone was established in Bollate, it seemed that the Bollate students who attend schools in neighboring municipalities could continue in attendance, then it was clarified that they can, instead, stay at home, while the schools of Bollate they were immediately closed.

Fourth Oggiaro, parents ask for school closure

In Quarto Oggiaro, on the other hand, at the center of the outbreak there is a middle school, Vico di via Val Lagarina, with nine classes in isolation, half of the total. Parents, however, also prefer to keep their children at home who would be “kept” in the presence, and would like the ATS to close the plexus. A not insignificant detail: formally, a class not in quarantine cannot be activated remotely, even if physically nobody or almost no one shows up. Which means lost days of lessons.

The school, in Quarto Oggiaro, as the crow flies a shot from Bollate, formally already in the red zone after the outbreaks in three schools, is part of the Val Lagarina complex, with an elementary school about 600 meters away, which currently has three isolated classes. But the progression of cases has not yet led to closure.


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