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Covid, 8-year-old girl falls ill with diabetes

Covid, 8-year-old girl falls ill with diabetes

San Fermo della Battaglia Sant’Anna Hospital

(Photo by Andrea Butti)

  • Tuesday 23 February 2021

Covid, 8 year old girl

gets diabetes

First suspected case linked to the English variant of the virus: Cermenate student hospitalized at Sant’Anna. “She was healthy until a week ago, then she tested positive: now she is treated with four doses of insulin a day”

First suspected case of diabetes in children linked to the English variant of Covid. An eight-year-old girl has been hospitalized for about a week in the Covid pediatric ward of the Sant’Anna hospital and is undergoing insulin cycles, due to the onset of the disease in conjunction with the Covid infection.

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The girl attends the third grade of the primary school of Cermenate, closed for two weeks after 25 cases of positive Covid were found, 14 among students and 11 among teaching and non-teaching staff.

The girl is in the first class that was quarantined.

“My granddaughter was in perfect health until a week ago. He had never shown any symptoms of type 1 diabetes mellitus – declares his paternal grandmother – Due to Covid, however, he now has problems because the English variant, which affects young people more easily, also attacks the pancreas among the various organs. Apparently she is not the only one to have developed type 1 diabetes as a result of Covid. It would appear to me that two other younger children are hospitalized in the same ward with the same complications ».

Calvary began a little less than a week ago. “As a result of some positive pupils, the third class that my granddaughter attends was quarantined – explains the grandmother – A week after the beginning of the period of fiduciary isolation, she began to feel unwell. She did not have the classic symptoms of Covid, but she drank a lot and had a strong and rapid weight loss (she lost 6-8 kilograms, weighed 33), typical symptoms of type 1 diabetes. Her maternal grandmother, who looks after her when Mom is away on business, she noticed this drastic change and went to the doctor. Meanwhile, it emerged that both she and her maternal grandmother were positive for Covid. The pediatrician who follows her had ordered a series of tests, but the child quickly got worse enough to require a transfer to the hospital, where she has been hospitalized since Thursday ». She has been on insulin cycles for days.


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