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Covid-19, the Brazilian variant in Rome: school closed in the African neighborhood

The middle school of the Sinopoli-Ferrini Institute in Rome, African district, was closed after a case of the Brazilian variant of Covid-19 was detected.

The ASL Roma 1 has prepared a carpet check with molecular swabs on all students and operators, in addition to the sanitation of the environments. In recent days, the nursery and elementary school sections of the plexus had already been closed, after the discovery of a case of coronavirus with the English variant. Now the new closure, “until a later date” given the many swabs to be performed.

The virulence of the Brazilian variant of Covid-19 is not known. But since it shares several critical mutations with the English and South African variants, it is likely that it too has a high capacity for infection, relative resistance to hyperimmune plasma, some monoclonal antibodies and even certain vaccines, as already reported in the others. two variants described.

“A suspicion of a Brazilian variant was found relating to the Sinopoli Ferrini institute, which was confirmed by the Lazzaro Spallanzani institute”, the Director General of the Roma 1 ASL, Angelo Tanese, announced. all the measures envisaged by the Covid protocol are in place, including indications in the event of a suspected or ascertained variant. The Institute is currently closed for 5 days and will only be reopened after all checks have been completed and in complete safety. Today the school staff were swabbed, the case contacts were tested and swabs were scheduled for all pupils, which will be performed during the week ”.

Coronavirus, a school closed for “English variant”


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