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Coronavirus – Vaccination campaign also in prisons in the province of Frosinone and Lazio. The Sappe: we implement the vaccination plan directly in the prisons

“For the month of March the vaccination campaign for the staff of the Penitentiary Police could be launched, together with the prison operators and the prison population of the Lazio Region”.

This was written by the Syndicate of the Penitentiary Police Sappe which, with its national secretary Maurizio Somma, believes “it is evident, how significant will be the number of recipients to be involved” and for this reason it considers it appropriate that “on the occasion, it would be particularly desirable of the vaccination plan within the penitentiary structures, each as far as territorial competence is concerned, so that everyone is better involved in a single solution. Therefore, this Regional Secretariat has sent a note to the Regional Superintendent of Lazio, Abruzzo and Molise, Carmelo Cantone, so that he can speak with the competent Authorities to allow the start of the vaccination plan for the Penitentiary Police, within the penitentiary structure of territorial competence. to better facilitate the administration of the Covid19 vaccine to the imposing audience of recipients who affect our Penitentiary Administration “.

Somma also hopes that “the vaccination plan can return us to greater tranquility as soon as possible and make us overcome, in a short time, the dramatic and shocking era of Covid19”.


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