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Coronavirus today: Covid bulletin February 23. Data from Italy, Emilia Romagna: 1,588 infections

Bologna, 23 February 2021 – i contagion gives Coronavirus in Emilia Romagna, even if they remain above 1500: Today I am 1.588 the new positives detected on more than 35 thousand tampons molecular and antigenic (yesterday they were 1,847), with a tace of incidence 4.5% not comparable with yesterday’s (15%) calculated on a public holiday (Sunday), when tests are carried out mainly on cases for which a positive result is often expected.

I’m 25 the people of Emilia-Romagna death from Covid (yesterday they were 23). Even today hospitalizations are growing: the patients hospitalized in intensive care in the region are 196 (+2 compared to yesterday), 2,043 those in other Covid departments (+29).

As for the map of the contagion, the province of Bologna still remains above 500 cases daily: today it records 580, followed by Modena (327); then Reggio Emilia (118), Rimini (97) e Piacenza (93); hence the territory of Cesena (82), Ravenna (79), the area of Imola (78), Ferrara (51), the Forlivese (45) and finally Parma (38).

Covid variants effect, now the epidemic raises its head. “In two weeks 20 thousand cases a day” – Circular on anti-Covid vaccines, yes to the British strategy. And Giorgetti wants to produce the vials in Italy – Positive after Pfizer and no one assists me “

Regarding the healed Emilia Romagna, the number rises by 1,339 units compared to yesterday and reaches 202,311.

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I active cases, that is i actual sick, to date I am 36.725 (+224 compared to yesterday). Of these, the people in ijust home they total 34,486 (+193), 94% of the total number of active cases.

In recent days there has been a resurgence of cases of Covid and the president of the Region Stefano Bonaccini is considering whether to establish or not local red areas, to cope with the spread of English variant. The tragic news of the death for Covid by Fausto Gresini, former Imola motorcycling champion and team manager of the team that bears his name. He was 60 years old.

Colors and infections: the analysis of the pandemic in Emilia Romagna

Covid Italy: live data. Regions table

Pending today’s national data, yesterday’s latest updates in Italy showed an increase in the positivity rate to 5.6%. New infections for Covid were 9,630 out of 170,672 molecular and antigenic tests analyzed. The dead were 274, while they had risen intensive care (+24) and hospitalizations (+351).

In the afternoon, the update of the Ministry of Health is expected, with the data table of all the regions.

Sars-CoV-2 in Emilia Romagna: the numbers of the virus

Since the beginning of the epidemic, they have been registered in Emilia-Romagna 249,429 cases of positivity to Covid-19, 1.588 more than yesterday, out of a total of 35,010 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 4.5%.

The average age of new positives today is 39.6 years.

The asymptomatic are 598: 313 were identified thanks to the contact tracing activity, 25 through tests for risk categories introduced by the Region, 10 with serological screenings, 7 through pre-hospitalization tests. The epidemiological investigation is still ongoing for 243 cases.

Among the new positives 395 were already in solitary confinement at the time of the swab, 560 were identified within already known foci.

Here is the map of the contagion with the number of symptoms province by province: 19,695 a Piacenza (+93 compared to yesterday, of which 61 symptomatic), 17,165 a Parma (+38, of which 30 symptomatic), 32,034 y Reggio Emilia (+118, of which 70 symptomatic), 43,605 a Modena (+327, of which 219 symptomatic), 50,822 a Bologna (+580, of which 359 symptomatic), 8,719 cases a Imola (+78, of which 48 symptomatic), 14,456 a Ferrara (+51, of which 24 symptomatic), 18,675 a Ravenna (+79, of which 40 symptomatic), 9,458 a Forlì (+45, of which 33 symptomatic), 11,271 a Cesena (+82, of which 58 symptomatic) and 23,529 a Rimini (+97, of which 48 symptomatic).

The Region announces that “compared to what was communicated in recent days, 15 cases have been eliminated, positive for the antigen test but not confirmed by the molecular swab”.

As for the spread of the English variant, the province of Bologna is of great concern. In particular a San Benedetto Val Di Sambro, where due to an outbreak the mayor of the country has issued an ordinance which sanctions the closure of schools. In the Bolognese area, therefore, it is contagion alarm: they are about 500 a day and the English variant is present in 7 out of 10 cases. President Bonaccini said that “the situation is worrying“and it’s ready to launch local red zones.

Bonaccini: “Restaurants also open for dinner in areas with less risk”

The president of the Emilia Romagna Region, a guest on TV on La7, also supported the proposal of Matteo Salvini which he asked to keep restaurants also open for dinner. Bonaccini called the proposal “reasonable”, specifying that this could be true “where there is not too much risk of contagion in the territory”. That is, “where things are going best one can reason, with tighter controls, where there are fewer risks “,
with the aim of “giving oxygen to some activity”.

Vaccines in Emilia Romagna: numbers and latest news

In the meantime, the anti-Covid vaccination campaign continues, which in this first phase in the region concerns the healthcare and CRC staff, including inpatients in homes for the elderly, those over 80 in home care and their spouses, if aged 80 or more, and people aged 85 and over (from 1 March reservations also open for those aged 80 to 84).

At 3 pm they were administered altogether 339,381 doses; out of the total, 130,954 are second doses, ie people who have completed the vaccination cycle (here the numbers updated in real time).

As soon as the vaccinations of the school staff, so they started yesterday reservations, will be concluded in Emilia-Romagna will also start with university staff. Everything will depend on the supplies of AstraZeneca vaccine arriving in the Region.

“The epidemiological data clearly show the numerous presence of infections and outbreaks in the school environment, up to the high school cycle, greater than the university one. For this reason, vaccination focuses, as a priority, on the target of the school – underline the councilors at the University, Paola Salomoni, and health policies, Raffaele Donini -. Once the vaccination campaign in the world of school, education and training is completed, we will start with the staff of the universities. As soon as we have a certain date, we will promptly notify the universities to reach all the staff involved as quickly as possible “

The new decree law decided by Draghi government extended the ban on moving between different regions or autonomous provinces until 27 March 2021, throughout the national territory. This is whether it is red, orange or yellow areas. Bonaccini, as president of the Conference of the Regions, manifested positively regarding this provision. But also asked for a short confrontation with the Executive to speak anti-Covid issues which must contain the next Dpcm (the one issued on January 16 by the former Conte government expires on March 5) e of the resources which will be provided for in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “.

Visits to relatives and friends. Red, orange and yellow zone: the rules on travel – Orange zone Marche: the rules for twenty municipalities in the province of Ancona

Fausto Gresini surrendered to Covid

After two months of fighting the coronavirus, Fausto Gresini from Imola passed away at the age of 60, former motor racing champion and team manager of the team that bears his name. Gresini had contracted the virus during the Christmas period and had been hospitalized before Imola and then to Bologna. He has struggled for a long time against the disease, in an ups and downs of sudden improvements and worsening. The last, unfortunately, left him no way out. “Our champion left us forever today at 10.02, he fought to the end, he was born to win and he was winning again, he was getting better, when a brain hemorrhage ripped him away from us,” he wrote. Lorenzo Gresini, son of Fausto, on Facebook.


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