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Basketball Euroleague Milan beaten in St. Petersburg

Olimpia loses in the recovery of the 5th matchday against the former Gudaitis (16 points). Top scorers Punter (16) and Shields (15). Khimki arrives last in the standings on Thursday


In the recovery of the fifth day, Zenit returns to Milan the knockout immediately at the Forum. Kevin Pangos’ resounding final decides (16 points and 10 rebounds), who has long since returned to the pre-injury top player who has prevented him from playing the chance of life in Barcelona. Milan also yields, right on the siren, the goal difference, failing to defend the +6 of the first leg, at the end of a match in which, despite a very positive second half, it is forced to give too much under the basket and rebound. Therefore, the absences of LeDay and Brooks weigh heavily, waiting for the possible graft of Jeremy Evans, now very opportune.

L’by Gudaitis

Milan has the merit of closing a tiring first half, with minimal collateral damage. The main problem is to find a solution to the Gudaitis-Poythress duo under the basket. The former Arturo sets the 10-0 which deflates the two good initial plays of Shields; the other strikes by playing on the iron. The nodes are in the area, in rebound (20-10 at half-time) and in the ball circulation. Inspired by Pangos (7 assists), Zenit always finds the man free: 13-6 the balance after 20 ‘. Numbers that would suggest an Olimpia in heavy trouble and instead at half time it is only -2 (38-40). The reaction arrives on -11 with an excellent Rodriguez, the attentive Roll (7 points) and then with Micov, thus finding the points of reference in attack necessary to reverse a hostile trend, built by the Russians under the basket and with a more than good defensive pressure. After the rest, however, Zenit has to deal with Punter’s return: 8 points spun with the usual 4-point game, now a specialty. Shields also grows, a man everywhere, and Milan thus revises the advantage several times, neutralized however by the triple of Baron that bring the match back to a tightrope, in which defenses dominate. Messina squeezes all his quintets even those with Hines and Tarczewski who at least limit the opponents to rebound. At the third siren it is 54 even. Pangos’ ninth assist gives Thomas 60-58. Shields responds with his poisonous medium shot (6/8). Pangos produces other gold possessions and with Gudaitis the Russians touch +6 with 3 ‘from the end. Still the Canadian playmaker sews the triple of 71-62, but Punter responds with another 3 + 1. Pangos, still with an eight-meter triple, closes the score.

Zenit: Gudaitis e Pangos 16; Baron 13.

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Milano: Punter 16, Shields 15, Rodriguez 10.


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