visits to relatives are also prohibited

visits to relatives are also prohibited
visits to relatives are also prohibited
Calabria “red zone” until April 21, 2021. The president of the Calabria Region, Nino Spirlì, signed the ordinance n. 21, which incorporates that of the Minister of Health of last April 2, with which the application, for another 15 days and starting from April 7, of the restrictive measures already in force for the containment of the Covid-19 epidemic was arranged.

The provision specifies that “the analysis of data at the regional level continues to highlight a constant growth in the absolute number of confirmed cases, a high rate of positivity and an increase in the number of beds occupied in the Medical and Intensive Care Area ».


Traveling is forbidden «to visit self-sufficient friends or relativesie, in general, all movements to inhabited private homes, other than one’s own, not due to reasons of work, necessity or health or for the return to one’s residence, domicile or home “.

«The didactic activities of the second and third year of attendance of the lower secondary school, as well as the didactic activities of the upper secondary school – it is still written -, are carried out exclusively in remote mode. The possibility of carrying out activities in presence is always guaranteed if it is necessary to use laboratories or to maintain an educational relationship that achieves the effective scholastic inclusion of pupils with disabilities and special educational needs “.

The Calabria Region adapts itself to the new national measures and therefore «it is allowed, in presence, to carry it out of educational services for children referred to in Article 2 of Legislative Decree 13 April 2017, n. 65 and the school and teaching activities of kindergarten, primary school and the first year of attendance at lower secondary school “,

The previous ordinances of the President of the Region that they had the “red zone” in the municipalities of Acri (Cs), Oppido Mamertina (Rc) and Cirò Marina (Kr) are absorbed by the new provision.

It is also allowed “pet grooming (Ateco code 96.09.04), if carried out in “delivery” mode, with the shop closed to the public and collection and return of the animal by appointment exclusively in ways that do not provide for the entry of customers to the premises of the exercise and limit the contacts between employees and customers are essential ».

Finally, with the ordinance, it is recommended to all citizens “to limit as much as possible the opportunities for contact with people outside their own home»And we remind you« that it is mandatory to adopt rigorous individual behaviors and to respect the sanitary and hygienic measures established regarding the distance and correct use of masks ».

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