“Recalls with Astrazeneca early, we have to run more than the Indian variant”

Coronavirus – The counter-offensive of the Lazio health councilor Alessio d’Amato – The campaign on adolescents stops: Pfizer is missing – 84 thousand vaccinated in Tuscia

Viterbo – (rs) – Coronavirus, Lazio anticipates the recalls with the Astrazeneca vaccine. This was announced by the councilor for health Alessio d’Amato who let it be known that the change will start from next July. “Users – he explains – will receive a message with the new date”. To worry is the variant Delta, also known as Indiana. “It is necessary – affirms D’Amato – to run more than the mutation and use all the vaccines available to complete the vaccination process”.

Alessio D'Amato

Alessio d’Amato

But stop the campaign on teenagers: Pfizer doses, the only drug authorized for this age group, are missing. “The decision, inevitable, stems from an objective situation throughout Italy”, write in a joint note D’Amato and representatives of the federations of pediatricians Teresa Rongai and Teresa Mazzone.

“Due to Pfizer’s national reduction in July compared to June, it will not be possible to continuously guarantee the supply to pediatricians of free choice for the age group 12-16 years”. We will talk about it again in the second half of August. “The administrations – says the note – will be able to take place regularly from after August 15th by your pediatrician, to whom all the necessary doses will be sent, corresponding to the reservations. At this stage, we recommend collecting the availability of families “.

Only the appointments continue to be made and the second dose administered to those who have already received the first: most of them are young boys who have joined the June Junior Open organized by the Region. “Recalls are guaranteed”, assure D’Amato and the federations of pediatricians.

In TusciaMeanwhile, the counter of administrations has exceeded 233 thousand (just under 2 thousand 800 those made yesterday). The vaccinated, or those who have also received the booster or directly the single-dose drug Johnson & Johnson, are 84 thousand.

June 24, 2021

Coronavirus June 2021 … Articles

  1. More and more common Covid-free but caution from the mayors: “Enemy not yet defeated”
  2. Coronavirus, today 951 new cases and 30 victims
  3. “Today in Lazio 97 new cases and 2 deaths”
  4. Today only one positive at Castel Sant’Elia
  5. Currently positive, 281 fewer since the beginning of June
  6. In Lazio one dead and 74 positive, just nine in the provinces
  7. Today no new infected, less than a hundred positives in Tuscia
  8. In Tuscia since the beginning of the pandemic 9% of swabs have been positive
  9. Coronavirus, today 495 new cases and 21 deaths
  10. “Zero new cases in Rieti for more than a week”
  11. “Today 4.7 million doses of vaccine administered in Lazio”
  12. Today zero positives, a person remains hospitalized in infectious diseases
  13. Covid, only one hospitalized in the whole of Tuscia
  14. In Tuscia 50 and 70 years old the most vaccinated
  15. Today 881 new cases and 17 deaths, the lowest figures since the beginning of the year
  16. “In Lazio 68 new positive cases and zero deaths, is the lowest figure since August”
  17. In Tuscia today only one case in Acquapendente and eighteen recovered
  18. No deaths yesterday in upper Lazio – Mezza Tuscia Covid free – Zero infections in Viterbo and Rieti
  19. For the sixth consecutive day, zero cases in Rieti
  20. For the sixth consecutive day, zero cases in Rieti
  21. For the sixth consecutive day, zero cases in Rieti
  22. No cases today and 15 people recovered
  23. Vaccines, Modern even in pharmacies
  24. Coronavirus, today 1147 new cases and 35 deaths
  25. “In the provinces 22 new cases and zero deaths in the last 24 hours”
  26. “The plan is ready to anticipate the Astrazeneca recalls for the over 60s from August to July”
  27. Coronavirus in Tuscia, today a case in Vetralla
  28. Just over 150 currently positive, 9 in Viterbo city
  29. Currently positive, Italy is back below 100 thousand
  30. “Today 119 positives in Lazio – Deaths, hospitalizations and intensive care are decreasing”
  31. “Nearly 4.5 million vaccines administered”
  32. Today a positive in Viterbo and one in Bomarzo
  33. Yesterday only one positive in Tuscia and empty intensive care
  34. Coronavirus, 1400 new cases and 42 deaths
  35. “In the provinces 43 cases, in Rome the city 65”
  36. Only one infected in Gallese and 18 recovered in Tuscia
  37. In Tuscia 210 thousand administrations and 70 thousand vaccinated
  38. In Tuscia less than 200 positive, yesterday three died in the upper Lazio
  39. Covid, over 50 thousand healed in the last 24 hours
  40. “In the provinces 21 cases and 0 deaths in the last 24h”
  41. Coronavirus, four new cases in Tuscia
  42. No positive has been in Mammagialla for more than three months
  43. Coronavirus, today 907 cases and 36 deaths
  44. “In Lazio 111 positives, the lowest number since August 2020”
  45. Zero infections in Viterbo city and downhill curve throughout Tuscia
  46. Coronavirus, 1% positivity rate
  47. In Lazio today no deaths and 127 positive, the lowest number in the last 9 months
  48. Today three new positives and 11 people cured
  49. Six hospitalized patients and less than twenty positive in Viterbo city
  50. Coronavirus, today 1723 new infections and 52 deaths
  51. “In Lazio 164 new positive cases and eight deaths”
  52. Six new infections and one death, fifteen people healed
  53. Astrazeneca only for over 60s, thousands of vaccinations to be reprogrammed with Pfizer
  54. Belcolle reopens visits to relatives of hospitalized patients
  55. “In the provinces 23 cases and 5 deaths in the last 24h”
  56. Coronavirus, today 1901 new cases and 69 deaths
  57. Lazio from Monday in the white zone
  58. “Lazio white zone from Monday, we await ratification by Minister Speranza”
  59. Today zero cases in the whole of Tuscia and 34 recovered
  60. “The white zone trend continues in Lazio”
  61. “Record of administrations: 68 thousand 031 doses of vaccines carried out yesterday, June 9”
  62. “In the provinces 30 cases and 2 deaths in the last 24h”
  63. Today only three cases: two in Montalto di Castro and one in Sutri
  64. Vaccines, 12-16 year olds bookings with Pfizer start today
  65. In Tuscia 60 thousand vaccinated, in Viterbo less than 30 positive
  66. Coronavirus, today 2199 cases and 77 victims
  67. “In the provinces 38 cases and 4 deaths in the last 24h”
  68. “Mass immunization phase reached by 8 August and hub closure begins”
  69. Five cases in the whole of Tuscia, no new positive in Gallese
  70. 3,000 Pfizer vaccines ready for adolescents
  71. The municipality of Gallese warns: “Complaints for those who do not respect the rules”
  72. Coronavirus, positivity rate below 1%
  73. Vaccines, 53% of Lazio received at least one dose
  74. “Today 139 cases in Lazio, only 22 in the provinces”
  75. Only one case in the whole of Tuscia, the number of hospitalized people dropped to 12
  76. Vaccines 12 – 16 years, first administrations on weekends
  77. More positive in Gallese than in Viterbo
  78. Coronavirus, 1273 new cases and 65 deaths
  79. “In Lazio the number of cases is the lowest since September”
  80. One death and 19 positive in Tuscia, another 12 cases in Gallese
  81. Positive growth for the second consecutive day
  82. Extraordinary vaccination open day for the inhabitants of Gallese
  83. Coronavirus, today 2 thousand 275 new cases and 51 deaths
  84. “Today 233 positives and 5 deaths, incidence and rt from the white zone”
  85. Today 20 positives, 6 only in Gallese
  86. Curfew, starting tomorrow at midnight
  87. No deaths and decreasing hospitalizations in Tuscia, but infections are increasing
  88. Coronavirus, 1% positivity rate
  89. 38 new cases in Tuscia, 11 only in Gallese
  90. Positive councilor, mayor and councilors in quarantine
  91. Yesterday 3 thousand administrations, today vaccinations at night
  92. Coronavirus, today in Italy 2 thousand 257 new cases and 73 deaths
  93. “In the provinces 26 cases and zero deaths in the last 24 hours”
  94. In Tuscia 11 new cases, three in Gallese and Monte Romano
  95. Hospitalizations and positives still decreasing, yesterday only 6 new cases
  96. Coronavirus, today 1968 new cases and 59 victims
  97. “In the provinces 26 cases and one death in the last 24 hours”
  98. “Vaccini, from Sunday 6 June at 24 reservations for the age group 39-35 years”
  99. Today only 6 positive in Tuscia and 51 recovered
  100. “Lazio towards the white zone”
  101. Mass vaccination, age groups remain in Lazio
  102. Twelve cases in Tuscia, zero in Viterbo city
  103. Open week for the over 18, over 4 thousand vaccinations in 50 hours
  104. Over 10 thousand recovered in Italy today, 93 victims
  105. “The positive trend continues: today 195 cases, soon the white zone”
  106. Coronavirus, today 7 positive and 26 healed in Tuscia
  107. Less than 400 positives in Tuscia, but a year ago they were just 40 …
  108. Via the vaccines in pharmacies, but only in twelve municipalities of Tuscia

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