Ferrara. One death and 132 positive covids, 100% at Cona intensive care

Ferrara. One death and 132 positive covids, 100% at Cona intensive care
Ferrara. One death and 132 positive covids, 100% at Cona intensive care

A woman victim of the coronavirus, another 132 positives and still 18 hospitalizations in Covid + wards at the Cona hospital in the Easter bulletin on the progress of the epidemic in Ferrara and the province.

Mourning in Cento

The deceased person is a hundred-year-old woman from 1943, hospitalized since 21 March at the Cona hospital and died on 2 April.

The total number of victims in the province of Ferrara since the beginning of the pandemic thus rises to 772 (396 women and 376 men).

Of these 724 were resident in Ferrara and its province and 10 died after being declared clinically cured: 273 Ferrara (including 1 guest of the Pensionato Beatrice d’Este, 2 guests of the Malacarne Structure, 13 of the Santa Chiara Rest Home, 22 of the Ripagrande Residence, 35 of the Santa Caterina Residence, 18 of the Paradiso Residence, 17 of the Residence Service, 11 of the Residence Betlem, 1 of the Desy Family House in Vigarano Mainarda, 2 of the S. Antonio Family House in Ferrara, 1 of the Cra Villa Geras in Fiscaglia, 1 of the Casa del Sollievo), 68 Argenta (including 3 guests of the “La Fiorana” residential house, 20 guests of the “Manica” residential house, 8 guests of the “Villa Aurora” residential house and 4 guests of the Villa Lella family home), 33 Bondeno (of which 1 guest of the Cra di Bondeno, 1 of the Cra S.Antonio di Fiscaglia, 1 of Il Cammino), 80 One hundred (including 2 guests of an RSA of Bondeno, 1 guest of Cra Ripagrande of Ferrara, 8 of the Pensionato Cavalieri di Cento), 37 Codigoro (including 1 guest at the Dominica family home, 12 guests at the “Alma” residential house and 1 guest at Cra Villa Glicine di Jolanda), 55 Comacchio (including 2 guests of the Codigoro Hospice, 1 guest of the “Villa Fabiola” structure in Lido delle Nazioni, 6 of the Hotel David in Lido Nazioni, 1 of Sant’Antonio di Fiscaglia, 1 of the RSA Codigoro), 21 Copparo (including 2 guests of the Cra Villa Glicine of Jolanda di Savoia, 1 of the Cra Sacra Famiglia of Cesta and 1 of the Cra Santa Chiara of Ferrara, 1 of the Farpa di Copparo family home), 28 Fiscaglia (of which 1 guest at the nursing home Ancelle di Maria di Fiscaglia, 2 guests of the Hospice of Codigoro, 2 of Casa Alma di Codigoro, 5 of the Residenza S. Antonio and 1 of the Cra of Codigoro), 6 Goro, 12 Jolanda of Savoy (including 6 guests of the Cra Villa Glicine residence), 9 Lagosanto (including 1 guest at the Codigoro Hospice), 2 Masi Torello (including 1 guest of the Villa Fiorita Family Home), 18 Mesola (including 2 guests of the Bosco Mesola Community Accommodation), 7 Ostellato (1 in the RSA of Portomaggiore), 13 Poggio Renatico (including 3 guests of the Tre Sorelle di Madonna Boschi structure and 1 of the Cra di Poggio Renatico), 9 Portomaggiore (1 guest of the RSA of Portomaggiore), 17 Bank of the Po (including 1 guest of the “Capatti” Protected House in Riva del Po), 19 Lands of the Rhine (including 1 guest of the Casa del Sollievo in Ferrara and 3 of Cra Mantovani), 9 Tresignana (including 1 guest of the Residence Casa Mia), 13 Vigarano Mainarda, 5 Voghiera.

Out of the province

To these are added 34 residents outside the province: 1 Argelato (Bo), 11 Pieve di Cento (Bo), 1 Molinella (Bo), 3 Baricella (Bo), 1 San Pietro in Casale (Bo), 1 San Lazzaro di Savena (Bo), 1 Castello D’Argile (Bo), 1 Galliera (Bo) (guest of the Residence David hotel in Comacchio), 1 Alfonsine (Ra), 3 residents in Bologna, 2 Piacenza, 6 Finale Emilia (Mo) (including 1 guest of the S. Antonio Family House of Ferrara), 1 San Giovanni in Persiceto (Bo), 1 Crevalcore (Bo).

Outside the region

Finally they count 3 deaths of residents outside the region – 1 Occhiobello (Ro), 1 Sermide (Mn), 1 Vicenza – and 1 international (Poland). ù

Another 132 positives in the province, 100% intensive care in Cona

The new positives detected between Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 April are 132 compared to 514 negative swabs (7 Argenta, 8 Bondeno, 23 Cento, 2 Codigoro, 1 Comacchio, 4 Copparo, 29 Ferrara, 1 Jolanda di Savoia, 6 Poggio Renatico, 19 Portomaggiore, 3 Riva del Po, 13 Terre del Reno, 2 Tresignana, 8 Vigarano, 2 Voghiera, 4 outside the province).

Their average age is 41.7 years, 5 have been identified in outbreaks, 127 are due to sporadic contact. Of the new positives 94 are asymptomatic (64 detected with contact tracing, 1 serological screening, 2 tests per category, 1 pre-hospitalization test, 26 not known), 38 symptomatic. One case is a return from abroad, one from outside the region.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the total positive cases have reached 20,948, of which 758 outside the province.

During the twenty-four hours of detection, 314 people were placed in home isolation (351 left) and 17 under telephone surveillance.

Another 18 Covid + admissions at Sant’Anna di Cona

On Saturday there were 18 admissions to the Cona hospital in the Covid + ward (6 Ferrara, 1 Copparo, 1 Comacchio, 1 Poggio Renatico, 2 Vigarano, 2 Tresignana, 1 Jolanda di Savoia, 1 Portomaggiore, 1 Cento, 2 Riva del Po) and 1 in intensive care (Cento), transferred from a non-intensive covid ward.

At the moment in Cona there are 181 hospitalized patients out of 194 active beds, with a tace of employment still very high, at 94% and intensive care 100% full.

In the hospitals of Cento and Lagosanto, which are the other two Covid hospitals in the province, there are a total of 147 admissions. At the Cento hospital there are 61 (medicine 37, Lpa 24) and at Delta 85
(medicine 37, Lpa 29, semi-intensive 9, intensive care 10).

I 171 are healed (9 Argenta, 11 Bondeno, 19 Cento, 3 Codigoro, 10 Comacchio, 7 Copparo, 74 Ferrara, 8 Fiscaglia, 2 Lagosanto, 4 Mesola, 2 Ostellato, 1 Poggio Renatico, 4 Portomaggiore, 4 Riva del Po, 6 Terre del Reno , 1 Vigarano, 4 Voghiera, 2 outside the province).

I 15 were discharged from the Cona hospital on Saturday (8 Ferrara, 2 Copparo, 1 Comacchio, 1 Vigarano, 1 Tresignana, 1 Cento, 1 outside the province).

Since the start of the vaccination campaign, 85,000 vaccinations have been delivered, of which 57,744 first doses and 27,256 second doses. On April 3, 1,730 vaccinations were carried out, of which 1,449 first doses and 281 second doses.

In Emilia-Romagna, 1,700 new positives were detected (1,954 recovered) but active cases (-289) and hospitalizations (-57) are decreasing. There are 35 new deaths.

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