Via the open mask from 28 or 5 July. Today 495 infections and 21 deaths

Via the open mask from 28 or 5 July. Today 495 infections and 21 deaths
Via the open mask from 28 or 5 July. Today 495 infections and 21 deaths

Green light from the Technical-Scientific Committee: it will no longer be mandatory to wear masks outdoors in the white area, but only to have them with you to put them in case of risk of gatherings. However, the CTS did not want to indicate a dry date, suggesting two possibilities: next Monday, June 28, when all of Italy will be in the white zone, or the following, July 5, with another seven days earned for the vaccination campaign. However, the experts did not detect excessive differences on the epidemiological level between the two dates: hence the choice to leave the decision to the Government.

The CTS thus closes, after less than two hours of meeting, the long season of the obligation of outdoor masks: it was introduced, on the wave of the resumption of post-summer infections, on 8 October 2020 by a decree of the then Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Monday’s bulletin: 495 infections and 21 victims

I’m 495 the positives to the coronavirus test in Italy in the last 24 hours, according to data from the Ministry of Health. Yesterday there were 881. They are instead 21 the victims in one day, while yesterday there were 17. There are 81,752 molecular and antigenic swabs for the coronavirus carried out. Yesterday there were 150,522. The positivity rate is 0.61%, substantially stable compared to yesterday when it was at 0.59%.

I’m 385 patients admitted to intensive care for Covid, with a decrease of 4 compared to yesterday in the daily balance between income and expenses. The daily admissions were 9 (yesterday they were 12). The hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards are 2,390, down by 54 unity compared to yesterday.

From today all of Italy in the white area except the Val d’Aosta

Today all of Italy in the white zone except the Aosta Valley, which should be so from 28 June: the date on which the country could say goodbye to the obligation to wear a mask outdoors. The CTS will express itself on this issue this week. The Delta variant: new tests arrive in Italy today to recognize it, while the 5-day quarantine for those arriving from the United Kingdom enters into force.

Summer begins with Italy in white and the farewell (hopefully not only temporary) to the curfew that was set at midnight for the regions in the yellow band. The hourly limits disappear for the first time in our country after November 3, 2020, over seven months ago, when a curfew was instituted in full second wave from 10 pm to 5 am, then moved last month to 11 pm and finally to midnight.. To still have to deal with the curfew, in fact, only the Val d’Aosta remains, which today is the only region in yellow.

The ban on night driving has been canceled, to remind you that Covid is still between us, the distance and the masks remain substantially, even if on the obligation to use them outdoors, the formal opinion of the CTS is awaited in the afternoon.

The latest report from the Control Room has authorized Sicily, Marche, Tuscany, the Province of Bolzano, Calabria, Basilicata and Campania to enter the area with fewer restrictions. They all had an incidence well below 50 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, as certified by the three consecutive monitors.

At the end of May, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia itself had inaugurated the white area that sanctions the gradual return to normality (after the spring experiment in Sardinia, which lasted shortly). The following week it was the turn of Abruzzo, Liguria, Veneto and Umbria, while from 14 June also Lazio, Lombardy, Piedmont, Puglia, Emilia Romagna and the Province of Trento are blank. Val d’Aosta, on the other hand, will have to wait until June 28 to complete the three weeks below the threshold and become a white zone.

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