Vaccines slowly, in Japan the focus is now on companies

Vaccines slowly, in Japan the focus is now on companies
Vaccines slowly, in Japan the focus is now on companies

TOKYO – The Olympic Games are approaching and in Japan, where yesterday the state of emergency was lifted in several prefectures, an attempt is now being made to press the gas pedal of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign. And so, from today, companies also come into play, which have begun to administer doses of serum to employees and family members.

So far about 3,500 companies have joined the initiative, for a total of over 13 million people to be vaccinated. These companies have been asked to present an administration plan for at least one thousand people. Membership is also open to universities and smaller companies, which can organize themselves through their own associations.

Among the companies registered, reports the Associated Press, for example, the automotive giant Toyota, which plans to vaccinate as many as 80,000 people at its plants. Online trading company Rakuten has presented a plan to administer the Covid vaccine to 60,000 people, including employees and their families, while Uniqlo will vaccinate 18,500.

Applications for membership to take part in the initiative will remain open until February of next year. And Japan thus hopes to recover the ground lost in recent months, marked by a vaccination campaign that has gone very slowly. And the figures prove it: from February to today, only 6% of the population in the Japanese country has been fully immunized.

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Vaccines slowly Japan focus companies

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