White zone rules: end of curfew after 7 months. What changes in the Marche – Chronicle

White zone rules: end of curfew after 7 months. What changes in the Marche – Chronicle
White zone rules: end of curfew after 7 months. What changes in the Marche – Chronicle

Ancona, 21 June 2021 – The last one good night was dated November 5, 2020. And again for Covid, from the following day, the rule of curfew, from ten in the evening to five of the morning. But now we are on the home straight, the nightmare has also ended in the Market. On the other hand, our region arrives a week later than all the other central regions, with the exception of Tuscany. A delay underlined very little by a regional policy.

The infections The bulletin of 21 June

From today, the first day of summer, we are in the white area, like all or almost all the rest of the boot, as the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza also pointed out. By white zone we mean the lowest risk band, with an incidence of infections under 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants for three weeks. And so it has been for the Marches in the last three weeks and an incidence of the infection is around 20 weekly cases on one hundred thousand inhabitants. In short, touching iron we are returning to normal.

Delta variant, fears are growing

“For the third consecutive week the Marche recorded numbers of contagion from the white zone. In fact, the new weekly positives per 100,000 inhabitants dropped to 11.9, which confirms, as we had announced, that from Monday we will finally be in the white zone “. Thus the president of the Marche Region Francesco Acquaroli. “It is the third week that we have registered numbers from the white zone and, in particular in the last 7 days we have had very low figures.” In any case, however, we must continue to be careful because the virus is still running, albeit to a minimum “.

Normality, more than ever at this stage, it also means fun. On the other hand, the travel without limits to any location. No problem for the car transport of cohabitants. While for those who use the car with people not living together, they will have to follow the rules: only the driver in the front and only two passengers in the rear row with a mask. “A pandemic can have effects for a period on the territory, but it cannot upset who we are,” says Francesco Acquaroli. “There is this and much more (in compliance with security measures) in the liberated Marche.

Rt index stable in Italy at 0.69. Emilia Romagna, Marche and Veneto in slight growth

Zone: guide to rules

End of curfew

The main difference between the white and yellow zone concerns the curfew. In the white zone there are no restrictions on travel, while in the yellow zone these are allowed between 5 and 24. Those who leave during curfew time in the yellow zone must have a self-certification. From Monday evening in the region free
all therefore, even at night.

Distances and masks

In the white zone, the restrictive measures envisaged for the yellow zone are not applied, but the obligation to wear the mask in public places outdoors and indoors, to maintain interpersonal distances, the prohibition of gathering and the hygiene and sanitary regulations remain. regarding the sanitation and ventilation of indoor seats.

Bars and restaurants

Bars and restaurants open without time limits. Indoors, six can sit at the table (in the yellow zone in 4), outdoors there will be no limits. The spacing must be observed and the mask must be worn when not seated at the table. Obligatory mask for waiters. Green light with no restrictions on the sale
with take-away of food and drinks and home delivery.

From friends and family

You can visit relatives or friends, staying within the same area, without time limits or in the number of people who move. For travel to locations in the white zone, no justifications are needed. The curfew will end next Sunday after several months of nighttime lockdown and retreat.

Parties and dances

Parties resulting from civil or religious ceremonies are allowed, even indoors, with the requirement that participants be certified. Discos can reopen, but not for dancing. Instead, they will be used to serve aperitifs, dinners and cocktails. The discos, barring surprises, will reopen
regularly from July 1st.

Gyms, sports and wellness

Gyms and swimming pools were among the activities most penalized by the closures. Open as early as June 1st, the changing rooms and showers can now be used again. Then reopen thermal pools, swimming centers and wellness and spa centers. As well as theme parks, game rooms, bingo, casinos, fairs.

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