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The acceleration of the vaccination campaign in Switzerland, with more than 6.4 million doses administered, allows to obtain the first statistics on the secondary effects generated by the vaccine. Swissmedic received 2,944 notifications of side effects, of which around 1,000 were classified as “serious”.

According to what is reported on the pages of the SonntagsZeitung, flu symptoms would be more frequent for those who have been vaccinated with the Moderna preparation. Many Swiss doctors also confirm the data from Swissmedic, whose patients report headaches, light fever and malaise, especially after the second dose and sometimes even for a few days. Ailments that would be less frequent in people who receive Pfizer’s preparation instead. In most cases, a little rest is still sufficient to recover.

However, both vaccines used in the Confederation have proven “to be much more effective against the new variant than other serums such as AstraZeneca, which is widely used in Great Britain,” explained Christoph Berger, chairman of the Federal Immunization Commission.

Switzerland is therefore well prepared to deal with the Delta variant of the coronavirus – also known as the Indian variant: “In the current state of knowledge, there is no reason to worry,” Berger said. “It is true that the Delta variant is more contagious than the other strains – Berger acknowledged in an interview broadcast on Sunday by NZZ am Sonntag – but the good news is that people vaccinated twice with a messenger RNA serum are protected against this variant. almost 90% “.

“While the Indian variant has led to a further increase in the number of infections in Britain, the situation in Switzerland is different,” the infectious disease specialist stressed. “The UK authorities vaccinated many people as quickly as possible with one dose and it was probably the right thing to do at the time, but today you need to protect yourself with two doses.”

The chronicle of Saturday

The Federal Council intends to open Covid-19 vaccination to teenagers between the ages of 12 and 15 as early as next week, according to the official. “Access to the vaccine for adolescents with a medical history makes sense – he pointed out – and this also applies to young people who are in contact with people at risk, whose immune systems are weakened”.

by Andrea Pasquot, Omar Cartulano, Joe Pieracci

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