Covid Italia today, intensive care and infections: the point

Covid Italia today, intensive care and infections: the point
Covid Italia today, intensive care and infections: the point

The average age of coronavirus infections in Italy is falling and the intensive care units are still under pressure in 14 regions and autonomous provinces. The latest data from the Agency for Health Services (Agenas) and the full report on the epidemic of the Higher Institute of Health provide the picture of the pandemic in the country. A ‘photograph’ taken in the midst of the government’s vaccination campaign, struggling with delivery delays and the aggressiveness of the virus variants.

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The national average percentage of occupancy of beds by Covid patients in resuscitation is thus at 41% (with very slight fluctuations in the last week), or 11 percentage points above the critical threshold set at 30% by the Ministry of Health, he explains. the Agenas, reporting the updated data at 18.35 yesterday. In particular, there are 14 Regions and Autonomous Provinces that ‘exceed’ the critical level excessively. The worst situation is that of Lombardy at 61%, followed by Piedmont at 59% and the Autonomous Province of Trento (57%). Still far above the threshold: Marche (56%), Emilia Romagna (48%), Friuli Venezia Giulia (45%), Puglia and Tuscany (44%), Lazio (42%), Umbria and Valle d’Aosta (40%) , Molise (36%), Liguria (35%), Abruzzo (33%).

Average age of infections drops to 46 years

But that is not all. In the last two weeks the average age of Covid-19 cases in Italy has in fact dropped to 46 years, explains the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, which reports the surveillance data updated to 31 March.

From the end of April 2020, in fact, a decreasing trend has been observed in the average age of people infected with Sars-Cov-2, with the age passing from over 60 years to about 30 years in the central week of August, and then slowly rising again. up to 49 years and falling back to 46 in the last two weeks. Overall – reports the ISS – the median age of cases in Italy reported since the beginning of the epidemic is 47 years.

Bulletin Italy 3 April: 21,261 infections and 376 deaths

Meanwhile, there are 21,261 coronavirus infections registered in Italy yesterday, April 3, according to the region-by-region data of the Civil Protection bulletin. In the table of the Ministry of Health, another 376 deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 110,704 since the beginning of the emergency linked to the covid-19 epidemic. Since Friday 359,214 swabs have been performed, the positivity index is 5.9%. 3,714 are hospitalized in intensive care (+10 since yesterday), with 234 daily admissions.

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