Covid, the state of emergency towards an extension: it is assumed until December 31st

June 16, 2021 1:29 pm

Too many variables: vaccination campaign in progress, variants of the virus, return from vacation. This is why authoritative sources of Palazzo Chigi give as “very certain” the extension of the extraordinary powers of the premier

They are rumors that come from the messenger, which he quotes “authoritative” sources of Palazzo Chigi for which the extension would be “very certain”. “The health emergency in July will not be over – they explain – as is evident. And not even the most intense phase of the vaccination campaign will be completed. In addition, we will have to face the situation that will follow the summer holidays and guarantee an orderly and safe in September-October. In short, we have complicated months ahead, not to mention the risk of variations “.

Valid reasons that would push the prime minister not to deprive himself of those extraordinary powers with which to face the pandemic. Thanks to the state of emergency, the government will in fact be able to adopt other Dpcm after July 31, including any new restrictions if – as happened last year – the infections should return to surge after the summer holidays despite the spread of vaccines and, above all, will be able to better manage the end of the vaccination campaign which, in light of the new stops at AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson calls for special powers to solve the vaccine supply crunch. However, Draghi’s decision will have to be discussed in the Council of Ministers.


Covid state emergency extension assumed December #31st

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