Covid, Galli quotes Game of Thrones: “Winter is coming”

Covid, Massimo Galli on the Delta variant uses a cult quote from the TV series Game of Thrones

Massimo Galli, director of the infectious diseases department of the Sacco Hospital in Milan, returned to comment on the developments of the pandemic that is giving rise to new fears due to the proliferation of Delta variant. A mutation that is causing fear in Great Britain and that has begun to spread also in Italy.

“You know in Game of Thrones when you say ‘winter is coming’? …”. Thus Professor Galli, citing the American TV series, in the course of his speech to Cartabianca, a talk on Rai Tre conducted by Bianca Berlinguer.

“I do not want to say anything of this kind, I mean that we already have the Delta variant at home and people who are not vaccinated would do well to get vaccinated soon,” added the doctor Galli. And again: “These people, by getting vaccinated, would put themselves in safety and avoid the problem of having to face again a situation that we do not want to face”.

Galli then recalled that with “vaccines we can have a good summer and a better autumn”. “But you have to do them – he underlines -. The real point is not worrying about the vaccine but worrying about the virus “.

Covid, Delta variant. Professor Galli: “There is a little more fear”

In the past few hours the Professor had already spent some reflections on the Delta variant: “There is a little more than a little fear. I believe the British authorities have informed the European authorities. And I think this variant was, if not the protagonist, at least an important topic of discussion at the G7. Unfortunately a few more victims did it. So much so that the British are re-verifying some opening policies ”.

About the possibility of imposing the quarantine for those arriving from overseas countries, he said that one must “always remember that the beast turns” and that one cannot “escape the risks of this variant”. “It’s an unpleasant remark, but someone has to make it,” he concluded.

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Covid Galli quotes Game Thrones Winter coming

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