Covid, one in two Italians plans to go on vacation

Covid, one in two Italians plans to go on vacation
Covid, one in two Italians plans to go on vacation

With over half of Italy in the white zone the desire for a holiday is growing: one in 2 countrymen intends to give themselves a rest period between June and September. A third (33.3%) will choose the region of residence, 63.6% will move, for an average period of two weeks. And the choices are not conditioned by the health emergency.

This is the picture that emerges from an ad hoc survey on the intentions of Italians to take holidays in the period June-September 2021 conducted by Istat in May with the collaboration of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS).

HOLIDAYS FOR HALF ITALIANS, BUT IN THE SOUTH THE ALTITUDE DESCENDS – The majority of the interviewees expect to spend a holiday in a place other than their residence: with certainty 22.3% and probably 27.8%; in total 50.1%. A third of the interviewees, on the other hand, are certain that they will not go on vacation. At the territorial level, the gap between North and South is clear: the share of those who intend to go on vacation goes from 59.7% of residents in the North-West to 39.1% in the South. In the North-East and the Center the percentages are 55.2% and 51.0%. The share of those who do not intend is close to 50% in the Center-North and 60.8% in the South.
The intention to go on vacation is particularly strong among the youngest, among the 18-29 year olds (the incidence of the answers “certainly yes” and “probably yes” is equal to 75.9%) and on the 30-49 age group (58.5%) The shares decrease with age: 44.5% of people between 50 and 64 years old and 32.4% of those who are at least 65 years old.

Among the reasons reported by those who do not intend to go on vacation, in the first place the lack of economic resources (32.7% of the interviewees), in the second the fears related to Covid (15.0%) and in the third health reasons ( 12.8%).

YOU STAY IN ITALY BUT 6 OUT OF 10 GO OUTSIDE THE REGION – Italy remains at the top of preferences. 33.3% will choose the region of residence, while 63.6% will opt for another region. Only 6.2% plan to go abroad. Differences remain between the Center-North, where for over 6 residents out of 10 (63.6%) the destination will be an Italian region other than that of residence, and the South, where the choice to stay in one’s own region prevails (56, 3%). As for the means of transport, in the vast majority of cases (84.0%) people travel by personal means, especially in the Center-South (90.4% in the Center, 86.8% in the South). Train, plane and ship are indicated by 9.4%, 9.3% and 3.9% respectively. For accommodation, 34% prefer collective accommodation in a hotel / hotel / pension, followed by a short distance from the house / apartment owned (32.4%) and the house / apartment for rent (26.3%). 7.8% choose the campsite, only 3.6% the tourist village.

UNDER 30 AND ELDERLY AT HOME, ADULTS IN THE HOTEL – For accommodation, young people between 18 and 29 years old range from their own home (chosen by 31.3%) to rented homes (31.2%), followed by collective accommodation (28.3%) and camping (19.8%). Adults between 30 and 64, on the other hand, prefer the hotel and, secondly, the house. As for the over 65s, almost half (49.5%) prefer a holiday in their own home, while 3 out of 10 (29.4%) opt for a hotel / hotel / pension.

ON HOLIDAYS FOR NO MORE THAN 2 WEEKS – For the majority of residents in Italy, the overall duration of the holidays will not exceed 14 days. Those who stay in the region of residence tend to take longer holidays: in fact, 31.6% of those who choose a closer destination take over 2 weeks of holidays and only 17% of those who prefer another region or a destination to the abroad. With the same chosen holiday location, holidays tend to be shorter for residents of the South than for those of the Center-North. Young people between 18 and 29 are more likely to take short holidays (up to 7 days), adults between 8 and 14 days, while those over 65 prefer a holiday of over two weeks if they stay in the region of residence (53, 9%).

THE IMPACT OF COVID – In organizing the holiday, more than 50% were not affected by the health emergency and believe that the 2021 summer holidays will be safer, with regard to Covid, than those of last year. In Central Italy there is the highest share of those who, in the absence of Covid, would have chosen another type of holiday, equal to 40.2%. Covid influenced the choice of location for 48.6% (adding the answers «A lot» and “Enough”) of those who intend to go on vacation. The incidence of those affected by the pandemic in the choice of means of transport (31.9%) and on the type of accommodation (26.7%) is lower. The conditioning of the health emergency is more important in the South than in the rest of the country both for the choice of means of transport (34.7%) and accommodation (32.5%).


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