Covid vaccinations, the Euganea 6 Usl expects to complete the campaign by October

Covid vaccinations, the Euganea 6 Usl expects to complete the campaign by October
Covid vaccinations, the Euganea 6 Usl expects to complete the campaign by October

PADOVA. Between September and October, the Euganea 6 Local Health Authority plans to cross the final goal of the vaccination campaign: this was announced by the general manager Paolo Fortuna on the basis of the optimism brought about by the numbers with which the administration is continuing even in these days. On Saturday in particular with 10,415 inoculated doses, Euganea set a new daily record.

“Currently,” notes Fortuna, “we have 52.2% of the population who have received at least one dose, and 24% who have completed the vaccination course. If the supplies are regular and the participation of the Paduans is not lacking, we will be able to close the campaign between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn “.

The USL confirms that it has ordered that those under 60 who have already received the first dose of AstraZeneca will be given Pfizer vaccine for the second dose: there are about 6 thousand people for whom no change of appointment is foreseen.

On the hospital front, the medical director Aldo Mariotto recalled the reopening last Saturday of the emergency room in Schiavonia: “A recovery at full speed as if there had been no interruption” he reports, “with 142 admissions on Saturday and 141 on Sunday, in line with pre Covid numbers. From today, the specialist activities, the cardiology network, the trauma network and the stroke network restart in the hospital. For now with daytime hours 8-20, from 1 July 24 hours “.

Five positive Covid patients remain in the Cittadella hospital, while Camposampiero and Piove di Sacco are Covid free. Finally, Maria Chiara Corti, director of the social and health services, announced the reopening in the coming days of the community hospital of Montagnana which discharged the last positive Covid patient in recent days.

The vaccination rate in RSAs is 97% for the first dose and 80 for the second“Corti notes,” and now we have started the administration also in the structures for minors for the over 12 years, as well as the vaccinations in the structures for the disabled and mental health. We finished the vaccination in prison. Visits to both nursing homes and hospitals resumed, an important fact for guests and family members. An outcome that I believe should be underlined in the vaccination campaign in RSA “continues the direttirce,” in the first and second Covid wave 36% of deaths affected the guests of these structures; in the third wave the percentage dropped to 3%, a clear sign of the protective effect of vaccines “.

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