Delta variant, Johnson ready to postpone reopening in the United Kingdom – Foreign

Delta variant, Johnson ready to postpone reopening in the United Kingdom – Foreign
Delta variant, Johnson ready to postpone reopening in the United Kingdom – Foreign

London, June 14, 2021 – In Great Britain the Delta variant, or Indian, of Sars-CoV-2 it is scary, and upsets the programs and scheduled reopenings, so much so that the premier Boris Johnson, already this evening, could announce the decision of postpone the revocation of the latest pandemic-related restrictions in the UK. The British Prime Minister tonight speaking to the nation might, the British media almost take it for sure, ask still patience and so move the long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’, of June 21, 4 weeks.

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England yesterday recorded 7,490 new cases, with a worrying increase of 49% compared to last week, and eight deaths. Italy too (new cases are 1,390, 26 deaths, bulletin June 13), where thanks to the vaccination campaign progress is being made towards reopening, is on alert for the Delta variant variant (Indian). The premier Mario Draghi warned from the G7: “We swab those who enter Italy. If infections start to increase again, we too should re-enter the quarantine for those arriving from England “.

Looking forward to updates from London too Nicola Sturgeon: the prime minister of Scotland is ready for reopening on June 28, but decisions are postponed for now until Tuesday.

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The Delta variant is more contagious of around 60% of the Alpha variant that appeared in England, the Delta variant that first appeared in India has become dominant in the UK. A strain that could invalidate the long winter lockdown and the great British vaccination campaign, and bring back closures. According to the BBC, the possible lifting of the latest restrictions could be protracted until July 19, but it will be submitted to the vote of the deputies of the House of Commons. However, the same BoJo had already warned on Saturday: “the Delta variant is of great concern”, and that in terms of reopening, “we must adopt a cautious approach”. For the British, the step back would leave the latest restrictions in place for another four weeks, starting June 21, including the closure of night clubs and an invitation to continue working remotely where possible.

Also in the United States this mutation it will soon be the dominant one: the fear is for next autumn, when it could call into question the work done in the field of vaccinations. At the moment, second Scott Gottlieb, former Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration Fda, the strain also known as Indian accounts for 10% of Covid infections in the United States, and that proportion is doubling every two weeks. According to Gottlieb, the Delta variant is much more transmissible, but “we have the tools to control it and defeat it, we just need to use them”.

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