Covid vaccine Marche: “First injection for half of the Marche” – Chronicle

Covid vaccine Marche: “First injection for half of the Marche” – Chronicle
Covid vaccine Marche: “First injection for half of the Marche” – Chronicle

Ancona, June 14, 2021 – In the Market quasi one in four over 50s He has not yet received the first dose of vaccine, over 216 thousand people. A fact that worries – and a lot – Confartigianato Imprese Macerata, Ascoli and Fermo, which wants to make the population aware of the importance of the countryside and the essentiality of a more widespread coverage.

Coronavirus June 14, 2021 Marche: today’s covid bulletin

Yesterday, meanwhile, the regional councilor Filippo Saltamartini announced that half of the Marche population received the first dose. The first administrations, in fact, exceeded 753 thousand. Confartigianato makes itself available to all its business associates, collaborators and retirees (for a total of more than 20 thousand subjects), to support the booking of administrations.

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“It is crucial that businesses can watch to the winter season with peace of mind, adhering as soon as possible to the vaccination campaign that will allow them and, therefore, the entire production sector, to get back on the road “.” The reports that have been released are worrying – comment the territorial secretary Enzo Mengoni and the general secretary Giorgio Menichelli -, because they highlight how the vaccination campaign has not yet broken through in some segments of the population. We refer, in particular, to those aged between 50 and 59: only half of those entitled received the first dose. Our hope is to reverse the trend, we make an appeal for more and more people to get vaccinated. “According to Confartigianato, expanding the campaign will have a series of positive repercussions.

“In the meantime, getting vaccinated is fundamental for a public health issue – continue Mengoni and Menichelli -. We have all dealt with this terrible virus. We know how treacherous and dangerous it can be. Achieving herd immunity can guarantee us a newfound serenity. Furthermore, artisans and entrepreneurs have passed difficult months, with the economy that has been paralyzed and is very slowly starting up again. new lockdowns we need to protect ourselves and protect those on our side. We arrive in September with confidence. “Having expressed the applause for the good progress of the public vaccination campaign, Confartigianato intends to march decisively in its actions to support the vaccination campaign.” Members who encounter difficulties or obstacles in booking the vaccine can contact our offices – explain from the association -. Our collaborators will be, as always, at their disposal “.

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