America’s Cup at the start, between Covid cases and missed vaccines. Good first for Brazil and Colombia

Someone has already renamed it “Copa Corona” but not referring to some kings, but to the virus responsible for the pandemic that is bringing South America to its knees. After so much controversy, which is unlikely to subside, the America’s Cup of football officially kicked off, with the winning debut of the Brazil landlord (3-0 to Venezuela, largely altered due to the Covid outbreak which broke out with 11 positives, including 8 players), but the news regarding the contagion is alarming. In a country largely affected by Covid (the second after the United States, with over 485,000 deaths), as the appeals made by a trade union and a left-wing party against the competition had pointed out, but rejected by the Brazilian Supreme Court (with a majority of six judges out of eleven), there are already three selections struggling with the coronavirus.

Covid: 4 positives in the Bolivia team group

After Venezuela (the Caracas Football Federation spoke of 11 cases while the South American Football Confederation denounced 13 infected, specifying that “all are asymptomatic and isolated”) also the Bolivia he finds himself dealing with four positives within his team group (three athletes and one member of the coaching staff). The federation, which did not disclose the identity of the people concerned, said they are “in good health and isolated from the group”, and that “all the procedures established by the health protocol” were immediately put in place. He did not report having summoned other players to compensate for these absences (24 players currently available). Coach César Farias’ ‘Green’ has been in Goiania since Wednesday, where she arrived after the match in Chile (1-1) as part of the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, and on Monday she will make her debut in the competition facing Paraguay.

Brazil players cheer (reuters)

Colombia: two cases of contagion and a winning debut

A third selection, the Colombia, revealed on Sunday that two members of the delegation had tested positive for Covid: they are an assistant coach and a physiotherapist, according to a statement from the Colombian Federation, specifying that they are “asymptomatic and isolated in quarantine”. In any case, in the Italian night Colombia debuted with a victory, beating Ecuador 1-0 at the Arena Pantanal in Cuiabá with the decisive goal, at 42 ‘of the first half, by Cardona.

The vaccines made available by the sponsor but …

In short, not even the agreement between Conmebol and the pharmaceutical multinational Sinovac, sponsor of the 47th Copa America enough to donate 50 thousand doses of vaccine in order to give the opportunity to immunize the oldest tournament in the world (the first edition was held in 1916), was enough to protect the event from the risks of Covid. The truth is that only some nationals have actually administered the delivered doses in recent weeks. For example, Chile and Ecuador concluded the operation at the beginning of May, Colombia completed the vaccination round just a few days before kick-off, while in Uruguay and Venezuela the players were vaccinated by their respective clubs: if for Celeste, at least at the moment, the work plan has worked, in Vinotinto evidently something has gone wrong … “The Sinovac vaccine needs two doses one month apart from each other, prevents Covid-19 in 51% and in 100% it avoids the infected person from intensive care “, let the World Health Organization know. Then there are the situations of Argentina and Brazil who have given up on undergoing the Sinovac vaccine to play the 2021 America’s Cup, despite theoretically requiring Conmebol to show a document certifying the vaccination before each game. In the case of Albiceleste, the reason is very simple: the Sinovac serum is not recognized by the Ministry of Health, therefore it is prohibited in that country. Brazil, on the other hand, said no because if the doses had arrived at the airport, they would have been seized by the government to redistribute them to the most needy and at-risk classes, effectively taking them away from the national team. Sinovac thus suspended the shipment.

Test to understand which variants of the virus

The Brazilian health authorities, meanwhile, are tracing all those who have been in contact with the infected and will carry out tests to determine the type of coronavirus variant, the secretary of health of the federal district of the capital, Osnei Okumoto, explained to CNN Brazil. . “Given the length of their stay here, they must have come with the disease from the last country they were in,” he added. Brazil was hit hard by the Gamma variant, which first appeared on its territory. The Delta variant, first detected in India, has been reported in imported cases but has not been confirmed as a local transmission case. “I wish there were a level playing field for everyone in the competition,” complained Brazil manager Tite, who also assured that his team still felt safe to face the match against the Venezuelans.

Neymar leads the Selecao: 3-0 to Venezuela

A match, the inaugural one of the 2021 edition of the America’s Cup on the green of the Estadio Nacional in Brasilia, behind closed doors due to the pandemic, which saw Selecao put even generous Venezuela under no particular problems. The former Roma player Marquinhos opens the scoring in the middle of the first half, then in the second half Neymar doubles at 19 ‘on a penalty (thus rising to 67 goals with the national team shirt, -10 from Pelé) and at 44’ Gabriel Barbosa drops the trio, on the assist of the champion of Psg, great protagonist of the game and decided to play a leading role after being forced to miss the competition in 2019, won by the yellow and green. But between now and the end of the tournament, Brazil and its brightest star, in addition to those on the pitch, could find themselves up against one more opponent, invisible but much more dangerous.

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