Covid, Sicily between “dancing numbers” and disorientation for vaccines

Covid, Sicily between “dancing numbers” and disorientation for vaccines
Covid, Sicily between “dancing numbers” and disorientation for vaccines

PALERMO – Sicily still has to wait. From today a little more than two thirds of Italians – over 40 million – will find themselves in the “white zone”, but there are no Sicilians who, hopefully, hopefully, will be able to leave the “yellow zone” to cross into that “White” not before next 21 June. If all goes well. Of course. The fate of the island is in fact linked to the incidence of the epidemiological curve. Regardless of the rate, from Monday 21 June the curfew, which applies to all of Italy without distinction of color, disappears.

In the meantime, however, we must deal with the numbers of the last 24 hours which, as can be seen from the daily report released by the Ministry of Health, once again place Sicily at the national top – this time in second place behind Lombardy (Saturday the Island was “black jersey”) for the number of new infections: 183 out of 6,797 swabs processed between molecular and rapid tests with the positivity index which rose to 2.7% (Saturday was instead 1.8%).

Some funny guys on social media, at the news of the reduced number of tampons said. «I’ve always said that we use the Sardinia method: fewer, less positive tampons. So we solve all summer evils. then in October we do the serious data with many, many, many buffers and therefore positive so we will end up in the red zone again ».

It is clear that traces are not made or if they are made, only perhaps by sample. But this should be told by the experts assigned to carry out this type of analysis.

Epicenter of the infections today seems to be the province of Palermo with 32 new positives, followed by Ragusa with 31, Catania 30, Messina 21, Syracuse 19, Trapani 19, Caltanissetta 15, Enna 12 and Agrigento 4.

It is clear that on weekends the swabs usually and conspicuously drop and the proof was given at the Palermo Fair when out of 600 swabs only 4 subjects were positive.

As for the pressure in hospitals if, on the one hand, it drops in the medical areas (Infectious Diseases, Medicine, Pneumology), -16 hospitalized with symptoms in the last 24 hours with a balance now of 310 still hospitalized, the same does not happen in intensive care where the trend from Saturday returns to rise again: yesterday +4 hospitalized (Saturday were 5) with a balance now of 47 subjects housed in the “intensive” and another 6 new entries yesterday in the various resuscitations of the island.

There is also a slight increase in the number of deaths: according to yesterday’s report, 5 new deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours (on Saturday there were 3). Now the provisional toll since the beginning of the pandemic has risen to 5,905 victims, while the healed have been 154, against 426 on Saturday.

And yesterday evening the president of the Region, Nelo Musumeci with a special ordinance declared the municipality of Santa Caterina Villarmosa, in the province of Caltanissetta, a “red zone”, where there has been a considerable increase in positives. The lockdown will start tomorrow until June 24th included.

Vaccines chapter. Quite bewildered Sicilians. After the chaos on AstraZeneca, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is also banned for all under 60 Sicilians. The Region has decided to anticipate the moves of the national commissioner Figliuolo and has passed a measure that extends the new rules adopted for the vials of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company to the J&J serum. Anyone under 60 already booked to receive the AstraZeneca or J&J vaccine will automatically rebook to receive a Pfizer or Moderna vial. It no longer matters whether they have diseases or are healthy, all under 60s switch to vaccines deemed safer from the side effects point of view.

The stop to the Az vaccine for the population under sixty and the recommendations on the use of mRna vaccines as a second dose for those who received the first viral vector serum, “forced” Sicily to reschedule the “open days ”Reserving them for those over 60 years old. Those who are younger and have already received the first dose of AstraZeneca, according to the previous national regulations, have been guaranteed since yesterday the second doses with Pfizer or Moderna.


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