Covid and Delta variant, the virologist Pregliasco: “Worry, we are underestimated”. The infectious doctor Andreoni: “Still few vaccinations, always use a mask”

The Delta (formerly Indian) variant imposed a postponement of the lifting of the restrictive measures on the UK. Having now become prevalent and with a transmissibility percentage of 60%, the mutation is beginning to worry the rest of Europe as well. And now Italy too, although according to the Higher Institute of Health at the moment the variant B 1.617.2 represents 1% of infections. The mutation “worries, even for the outbreak in Milan where a vaccinee hit” says Adnkronos Health the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, lecturer at the State University of Milan.
In fact, it is the one that arouses more fears ability of the variant to partially pierce the vaccine. “From the English assessments, there is still a protection from the disease of 80% after the first dose and 95% after the second – explains the researcher – so it is important to perform both doses and do it quickly”. However, the Delta variant “breaks the vaccine a bit, so there is still a little heavy coexistence with serious cases”. The Delta variant of the coronavirus is already circulating. “The figure so far is low, but it is probably underestimated. Now we should be more careful ”. The risk, “as I said from the beginning – he remembers – is that in the autumn there is a rise in infections, a blow from the tail of the virus “. As for a possible restriction on travel for those arriving from England, hypothesized by Prime Minister Draghi, “it would be important – he says – also to reiterate that this freeing all of the white zone must not make us let our guard down”. On the abolition of the obligation of the mask outdoors from June 30th in France, the scientist comments: “We are still waiting a moment for an evaluation. We see the end of July as a goal to take them out in the open ”.

The need to keep our guard up with all the measures we have learned – distancing, hygiene of manias and masks – is also emphasized Massimo Andreoni, Director of Infectious Diseases of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases: “Even if we are in the white zone, we can continue to maintain containment measures, that is to use a mask, spacing, hand washing”. Behaviors to prevent Covid must not change for the vaccinated. “The precautions – he says in an interview with the Messenger – they are essential to prevent the virus from continuing to circulate and a new variant from spreading“. “The situation is fairly under control – says Andreoni – and things are going fairly well. But it doesn’t mean that everything is over. The virus continues to circulate, so we must be careful and be patientuntil we have a condition under control, when enough people are vaccinated to have herd immunity. At that point, be calmer. We will probably have to wait until autumn, as we will probably now have a small slowdown in vaccinations for the decisions taken by the government after the AstraZeneca issue. Hence, it is conceivable that achieving herd immunity, hopefully with the reopening of schools. At this stage – he underlines – the masks must be kept, unless you are in an outdoor environment and we are not sufficiently spaced. If not, we must always be careful and continue to take all measures ”.

“Vaccination – explains the infectious disease specialist – we have done it on too small a number of the population to think it is enough to reduce the circulation of the virus. We recall that 40 million doses administered do not correspond to 40 million vaccinated. We still have to keep the containment measures under current conditions. So, it’s not that you can’t go to a restaurant but you have to stay spaced out. Outdoors, you can go without masks, but only if there is a distance. If the variane Delta were now circulating in Italy – conclude – we would only have 15 million people who have already taken the two doses, and they would be less at risk. But the remaining 25 million, who made only one, would only be 30 percent protected. Let’s not forget that the diffusion capacity of a variant is very fast. In England, Indian has supplanted English. To avoid this danger we must continue to vaccinate as much as possible, also doing the second administration. And in the meantime we continue to take all containment measures “.

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