Eriksen, the experts: “It wasn’t epilepsy or covid”. And on the possible return to the field …

Eriksen, the experts: “It wasn’t epilepsy or covid”. And on the possible return to the field …
Eriksen, the experts: “It wasn’t epilepsy or covid”. And on the possible return to the field …

La Gazzetta dello Sport asked some medical experts to talk about what happened to Eriksen and the future

Andrea Della Sala

June 14

The Gazzetta dello Sport asked some medical experts to ask them questions about what could have caused the cardiac arrest for Eriksen and about the future of the Inter and Denmark midfielder:

Is it possible that cases like those of Eriksen still occur in such “scientific” football of the third millennium?

«Zero risk does not exist.Cardiac pathologies can be innumerable – explains Professor Carù – and from the images it is clear how something anomalous happened in the body of the Danish footballer at a certain point. Cardiac arrest seems evident, but it is obvious that only a precise diagnosis can indicate the reason “.

“It seems clear that it is not a syncope,” explains Professor Cavarretta.

Professor Pigozzi: «In 1950 we passed the first law on the sports theme, which was then deepened and restructured over the years. We are an example for all countries, having been able to take the best from international experiences ».

Covid has been talked about as epilepsy: are we off track?

«The coronavirus can cause irritation to the heart, but then they go into regression – says Carù -. From what is known, Eriksen has never contracted him and the Danes, like everyone, should now be in a bubble to compete in the European Championship. We should know if he had a fever or not, but it is a fact that we do not have for now ».

Cavarretta also seems to be quite cold. “I would not dare to consider it as one of the primary hypotheses”.

«The fact that he intervened on the language made him think – says Pigozzi -, but there are many causes that require that type of maneuver ». “Generally they arise at a younger age or when the prescribed drugs are not taken,” explains Carù. There would also be another “school” possibility, but that doesn’t seem to concern Eriksen. “A brain trauma would be able to cause epilepsy, but it’s only theory”, says Cavarretta.

How helpful were the immediate interventions on the pitch to Eriksen?

“It is one thing to be in a coronary unit of a hospital, another in the field. Eriksen was revived very well “, says Carù.

“The gatherings of the past are no longer visible – explains Pigozzi – and this too is a sensitivity that is penetrating into sport. Just think of what happens in rugby ».

The hardest question: Will Eriksen return to play?

“I believe that the series of analyzes to which he will have to undergo makes it difficult to assume that he will be on the field for the start of the season”. says Carù.

«In Italy the tests of suitability are scrupulous. If Eriksen comes back, it means there will be no problems “, says Pigozzi.

“Now he’s alive. And for the moment that’s the only thing that matters “, concludes Cavarretta.

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