Vaccini Covid, Professor Garattini: “Serious errors in communication and having abdicated the criterion of age and fragility”

Errors in communication and also in the vaccination campaign. Silvio Garattini, pharmacologist and president of the Mario Negri Institute, he is also critical of the Italian management of the pandemic and the vaccinated campaign. The 92-year-old scientist, of whom almost 70 in the service of science, in two interviews in La Repubblica and La Stampa, talks about the Astrazeneca case and the decision to switch to heterologous vaccination, administering a compound to under 60 Rna messenger. “In a pandemic you need a unique and authoritative voice that represents the opinion of science”, perhaps an “epidemic specialist”. Also because “too many voices are heard that end up scaring the population”. “There have been too many inaccurate communications, suggestions, preferences, recommendations, and few clear explanations of why so many changes.”

On vector vaccines, such as Astrazeneca and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson): “We were afraid to scare the population and so yes it ended up for real. The truth is, you arecovered with the very rare thrombosis, but it is not known why they are triggered. When there were so many deaths people were more afraid of the virus, while now they doubt what to do. Let us not hide the fact that there are great economic interests that are blowing on the fire. Not all vaccines cost the same and there are big investments behind it ”. What is certain is that the compound developed by the researchers of the University of Oxford has also suffered the errors of AstraZeneca: “It was wrong both in experimentation and in communication, but its defects have been emphasized”. And if it is true that the messenger RNA vaccines – Pfizer and Moderna – have a higher efficacy, it is also true that “AstraZeneca has shown in the UK to be very effective”.

So “if there were enough (RNA vaccines, ed) it would be useful to rekindle the enthusiasm in people and speed up the campaign. I am also in favor of heterologous vaccination, so there is a positive indication of some studies ”. Even if some regions do not seem to want to align themselves – with the refusal of Campania and Lombardy which has even now suspended the second doses – “it is difficult to force a different reminder. I say to be pragmatic: we leave the choice of dose to the citizens, precisely to increase vaccination coverage “. And on the safety of the mix between Astrazeneca and Pfizer “one I study English is one Spanish indicate that after AstraZeneca a messenger RNA vaccine can be made, obtaining a good result from the point of view of the antibody response. In terms of safety there is no problem ”. On the case of Camilla Canepa the professor says: “Once again he abdicated the criterion of age and frailty. It is urgent to go back, dedicate the open days to these categories, and in the meantime gather more information on young people ”. When asked if the investigators’ reports of pericarditis in young people after mRna vaccines are worrying, the pharmacologist replies: “Yes, and if we waited we would know more, even if they seem rare and light”.

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