Swimming Australia Formally Responds To Accusations From Maddie Groves

Swimming Australia formally responded to statements made by the Rio silver medalist Maddie Groves.

After announcing his retirement from the Australian Trials, Maddie Groves has made heavy accusations.

“Let this be a lesson for all the misogynistic perverts in sports and their toadies – You can no longer exploit young women and girls, be ashamed of their bodies and then expect them to represent you so you can earn your annual bonus. Time’s up “

The president of Swimming Australia Kieran Perkins had initially replied in a generic way, stating: “I don’t know who he is talking about or what the reason for the complaint is. I actually have no proof of this and it is very concerning indeed. In terms of the culture of our sport, that is something that really strikes the hearts of everyone involved in swimming.

Now Swimming Australia has released an official press release on the issues raised by Maddie Groves.

Again, Groves is not mentioned. Furthermore, there is no direct reference to body shaming.


“As part of our work, the ethics and integrity committee will meet today and work on this. The Council will meet tomorrow. We have a clear process in place and are working on forming the independent women’s panel that will investigate ongoing issues relating to our swimmers’ experiences.

Tracy Stockwell is overseeing the formation of this panel on behalf of this Council, but does not lead this panel.

We are committed to continuing to operate in the best interests of our athletes and sport.

We will continue to communicate the progress of this panel to our community and stakeholders. “

Swimming Australia has been consciously working on issues of institutional interest over the past ten years.

Our focus is what we do today and in the future to ensure safe elite performance.

We are committed to a solution-based framework work for Swimming Australia’s future. A continuous and daily work.

Integrity and care are vital to our sporting success. We recognize this and it forms the foundation of our actions as an organization.

Our board of directors is committed to the well-being of our swimmers and the work required to create an environment of success and safety.

Our new CEO Alex Baumann proactively initiated a structural strategic review of Swimming Australia after five weeks in this role.

In addition to this planning, our board integrity and ethics committee will closely review all issues related to the issues raised this week.

It is a crucial week. However, we know that these issues are too important to ignore.

They need to be addressed here and now.

We have taken the following steps to move our work forward – and we started them this morning.

We will prioritize our current work in our integrity program.

We will work with an independent women’s panel to investigate ongoing issues relating to the experience and advancement of women and girls in our sport.

Their attention will focus on our future.

Our board director Tracy Stockwell will help establish this process.

He has significant personal experience as an elite athlete and organizational experience with Swimming Australia “.

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