Delta variant and farewell to AstraZeneca, the Covid funeral moves away | First page

Delta variant and farewell to AstraZeneca, the Covid funeral moves away | First page
Delta variant and farewell to AstraZeneca, the Covid funeral moves away | First page

Redditometer goes retro! We must hit the evasion, not the evaders.
Redditometro, as soon as the word reappeared almost unanimous, the rejection started. Redditometer, if it ever was, what would it do? It would compare how much you spend, consume, invest with how much you declare your income. Immediate barricade of technical and para-juridical objections and immediate concern for privacy and even freedoms that would be violated. Because obviously everyone agrees in condemning and attacking tax evasion. But so, in general. Without names and surnames. How do you target tax evasion? With words and sermons. How do you find and hit tax evaders? Comparing how much they declare with how much they spend. Just be clear: tax evasion is a bad thing, tax evaders are people of flesh and blood. So that the profitmeter or whatever it is to go looking for the evasion and not follow, never call the tax evaders by name.

Delta variant and farewell to AstraZeneca work against Covid funeral summer.
Delta variant (formerly Indian): 90% of new infections in Great Britain, infections that date back. Mostly 42 deaths as of June 7, 23 were not vaccinated, 12 with a single dose, 7 with two doses. In Milan of the 10 infected (so far) in a week in a gym that has just reopened, one is positive for the Delta variant and had been vaccinated. Delta variant resistant to vaccines? And a study from the USA certifies: Delta variant aims, if we can say so, at the young and very young population. In Italy, the substantial farewell to AstraZeneca pushes away the theoretical date of completion of the vaccination campaign but above all pushes many away from certainty and pushes many away from vaccination itself. Delta variant and less desire to get vaccinated work so that this summer does not and does not coincide with the Covid funeral.

Everything is renewable, except bureaucracy: the green transition in 70 years (of cards).
Corriere della Sera informs and calculates: at this rate it will take 70 years for the green transition. Which step? Authorizations for new plants: five and a half years on average. Anyone who has to invest in renewable energy and should do so in Italy knows this and in fact gives up: the auction to access the incentives went substantially empty, only 5% of the availability covered.
Oncologist 600 euros and without invoice, the real medical malpractice.
From Bari, a story on which the judiciary and police work, concerns an oncologist who would have repeatedly advised his dying patient never to call anyone other than himself (never 118) and who repeatedly on call would have replied by making himself pay 600 euros each time, of course without invoice. The profound professionalism of the oncologist would be triggered on the phone call from the patient’s daughter, which communicated “Mom is dead”: “Yes, but remember to pay the fee”. The accusation for the oncologist is of extortion towards a terminal patient, we who are neither magistrates nor policemen are saying that the charge should be that of medical malpractice, the real and worst medical malpractice.

Pet, one each. Child surrogates. The vegan wants the vegan cat …
Pet, pets, indeed no: what an ancient and antiquated definition! So pets? Not even, we are not there. Family pets? Here we are, family: pets are family members. There are dogs, cats, small mammals, birds, reptiles … 60 million in our homes. One each on average. They are part of the family, which part? That of the children, the human children that very few families do, we substitute them with pets. As with children, which we don’t do, it happens with pets: we want them more or less in our image and likeness. And the food and health for pet industry has noticed our need for … parenting. In fact, it has marketed vegan food for the dog or cat that vegan mom and dad also want vegan. And organic pet food is great: apple or blueberry or banana biscuits to take fruit, just like the humans of the house who eat organic do. Then there are the soothing biscuits with bacon or other essence that relaxes. And in the US it is also possible to find the cannabis crunchy. Pet surrogates, not by choice, of children. Humans, on the other hand, are genuine bad parents.

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