the San Ranieri fair is back

the San Ranieri fair is back
the San Ranieri fair is back

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June 14, 2021 9:10 am

On the day of the patron saint of the city the traditional fair of San Ranieri returns with over 60 stalls that will animate Piazza dei Cavalieri and the neighboring streets. This is a new sign of a return to normal, as the event was not held last year. “An important day for the many itinerant operators who work in trade fairs and who for over a year have seen virtually all their dates canceled – explains the trade fair manager of the Anva Pisa trade union, Marco Marinai – in recent weeks we have worked side by side with the municipal administration, of which we publicly thank the commissioner Paolo Pesciatini and the manager Marco Guerrazzi, so that we could return with a traditional appointment like that of the San Ranieri fair “.

On June 15, the ban on trade fairs “finally we say – underlines Marinai – will have lapsed and therefore the Pisan appointment is really the first starting signal for the category”. The San Ranieri fair will include 65 open stalls in detail from 8 to 20 located between piazza dei Cavalieri, via Corsica, via dei Mille and piazza Cavallotti.

“It will be a San Ranieri, unfortunately, still without its main events such as Luminara and Palio – concludes the exhibition manager – but compared to a year ago there will be at least the fair. In this way the operators demonstrate that the restart is concrete and that perhaps the worst is behind us. We therefore invite all Pisans to take a stroll among the pews to celebrate our patron saint “.

The manager Anva Toscana Nord Claudio Del Sarto also intervenes on the issue of restarting the fairs: “Finally, the long lockdown with the date of June 15 is over for the fairs as well. discriminatory since the fairs are nothing more than markets and therefore could be held with the usual protocols applied to the weekly ones. Even fairs that had a number of stalls were canceled lower far to that of the market. Unfortunately, the exhibitors could not carry out their activities on other stands and therefore remained practically inactive for over a year. But now we obviously start again in full compliance with the protocols currently in force and we thank the Municipality of Pisa for having worked alongside us for the San Ranieri fair. We are sure that the other provincial administrations will also grant their clearance to the fairs that are scheduled from 15 onwards “.


San Ranieri fair

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