Coronavirus: Lazio’s vaccination campaign continues with the under 18s

Coronavirus: Lazio’s vaccination campaign continues with the under 18s
Coronavirus: Lazio’s vaccination campaign continues with the under 18s

“It took longer to book who to receive the vaccine. I am happy, I already feel freer. Obviously we will continue to respect the rules but, regardless of the decline in infections, now I have the feeling of waking up from a bad nightmare ». Sunday 13 June, 10 am, Camilla is radiant as she leaves the Casa della Salute Santa Caterina della Rosa in Town Hall 5. She is one of the 20,000 under 18s who joined the first Pfizer Junior Open day for children aged 12 to 16, whose recall was brought forward to 21 days. 43 hubs active in Lazio for the initiative, also scheduled for next Saturday and Sunday, 19 and 20 June. Camilla, 13, joins her father who is waiting for her in the car and hugs him. Silvia, the mother, accompanied her to the place where she gave the injection. «He was counting the hours – he says -. Reservations were supposed to open on Thursday at 6pm. He forced me to go to my pc as early as 4.30pm and it was fortunate because they started them an hour earlier ».

In the integrated supervision Santa Caterina della Rosa, in via Nicolò Forteguerri, Largo Preneste area, there are not only children. Over the weekend, the vaccination center welcomed both adults and pediatric patients. “We are doing an intense job – says Fabrizio Ciaralli, health director of district 5 which is part of the ASL Roma 2 -. This is a medium to large vaccination center. About 700 doses are administered per day, increased to a thousand with the vaccinations of minors ». Thanks to the reactivation of the vaccine line of the “Curare con Cura” Service, young disabled people also enrolled in the Junior Open Day. “In recent months – continues Ciaralli – we have been the reference structure of the ASL Roma 2 for vaccinations for fragile people and their caregivers”. Active 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the clinic is equipped with operating theaters, tac, dialysis centers. The vaccination campaign brought about “new complexities that all the staff faced with great professionalism and a sense of responsibility”.

Between the corridors of the house of health, especially young people accompanied by their mothers. Fabiola, a health worker, is with her son Simone, who has just turned 12. He openly admits that he would have preferred to stay asleep. “I’m a little afraid of pain when I will give the injection but I’m glad it’s my turn,” she says. The mother, who has worked in a Covid center in recent months, is «very happy. Vaccines have always been essential to eradicate diseases, I couldn’t wait for them to open up to children ». For Gemma, the vaccine is a birthday present. Just yesterday he turned 16 and when he heard about the Junior Open day he expressed to his parents the desire to join. «I want to go back to class in September in peace – he says -. Having a classmate back and maybe being able to remove the mask during lessons. Many of my friends responded to the initiative while someone decided to wait ». The mother Valeria supported her daughter’s decision but at the same time consulted the family doctor “for greater awareness”.

Floriana accompanied the 15 year old son Francesco. “Very frightened by Covid-19”, she believes that adolescents and young people “should have been vaccinated first”. The son is a bit “anxious but getting vaccinated is an act of responsibility towards everyone”. Greta, 16, was accompanied by her father Rocco. At first she was “a bit uncertain” but then she reflected on the many “privations” of these months. “I avoided crowded places and public transport – he explains -. Now I will be calmer ». With Greta, «the whole family is vaccinated – adds the father -. We give our minimum contribution to be able to return to normality ».

As for the vaccination campaign as a whole, following the directives of the Ministry of Health, the Astrazeneca vaccine will now be administered exclusively to citizens over 60. To date, there are over 4 million and 200 thousand administrations carried out and tonight reservations have been opened for those who have between 17 and 24 years old (born 1997-2004). This is the last age group in Lazio, where there are no longer any personal restrictions to access the vaccination campaign.

June 14, 2021

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