curfew stops in Lombardy and Lazio

curfew stops in Lombardy and Lazio
curfew stops in Lombardy and Lazio

White zone from today – Monday 14 June – for Lombardy, Lazio, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Puglia and the autonomous province of Trento. With these latest color changes, the regions in the lowest range of covid risk become 13, with less strict rules and no curfews. White area, therefore, for about two thirds of Italians: over 40 million people. Also in this band the obligation to grind both outdoors and indoors and the ban on gathering remains. Less binding rules for restaurants: no limit to attendance at the outdoor table, 6 diners at the table if the restaurant is indoors. Public places will be able to observe free hours.

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If in the yellow zone there is still a curfew from 24 to 5, for those in the white zone the curfew is abolished immediately. This means that it is no longer necessary to return home within a certain time: in short, you can move without time limits. In this area the bars, restaurants and other catering activities are open and it is possible to consume food and drinks inside them, without time limits.

The sale with take-away of food and drinks and home delivery are also allowed without restrictions, which must in any case take place in compliance with the regulations on packaging and delivery of products. The new rules provide that in the white outdoor area there are no limits of people at the tables (between which there must still be a distance of one meter), while in bars and restaurants indoors a maximum of six people can sit at the same table except that they are all living together. On the other hand, there remains the prohibition of gathering and the obligation to wear a mask, both outdoors and indoors.


With the RT stable at 0.68 and the national average value of the incidence of Covid cases falling further, reaching 26 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, at the end of the month all regions could move into the white zone. A turning point coming mainly thanks to the good progress of the vaccination campaign, as underlined by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza:

“I would like to strongly reaffirm that the vaccination campaign is a fundamental weapon to overcome this phase”, said the minister, underlining that today “is an important day for our country because we will reach two thirds of the Italians who will be in the area. It is very good news that testifies to the positive trend of the vaccination campaign. We are now at 42 million doses administered with one Italian out of two who has had the first dose. We must insist on this ground and continue the campaign with all energy vaccination, a real weapon to try to open a different phase “.


curfew stops Lombardy Lazio

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