Maria, positive for Covid and also no: “I’ll tell you about my days of anguish”

Maria, positive for Covid and also no: “I’ll tell you about my days of anguish”
Maria, positive for Covid and also no: “I’ll tell you about my days of anguish”

They diagnosed her with Covid that she didn’t have. “Positive by mistake? In the meantime, who is paying me the anguish for me and my children? “

“The month of March was one of the worst moments of my life”. Maria is still incredulous and shocked, (let’s use an invented name), 35 years old from the province of Potenza who comes out of “one of the darkest periods”. To throw her into despair and anxiety her positivity (non-existent).

“That call that threw me into a panic.” The woman, employed in a school, towards the middle of last March, while she was still at work receives a call from the secretariat of the institute that warns her of the positivity of a colleague. From that moment – explains the 35 year old – panic. Although I have always used safety devices, sanitizing gel mask, more than a meter away and in the last year I have only done home and work. And even though I had never been near the infected colleague when I got home, in addition to taking a shower right away, I washed everything I was wearing, including my jacket and bag.

The positive buffer and isolation. Meanwhile, the 35-year-old expects the school to ask to subject her and her colleagues to the swab but, “not having had direct contact with the infected person, they tell us that we must request it”. And so it does. “I decide to do the molecular test, also because I have two small children, and I turn to the ASP. Once done, the nurses present inform me that if I tested positive they would have contacted me in the afternoon of the same day ”. However, that call does not arrive until the following day “around 7 pm” Maria remembers contacting me from the ASP and thus I learn that I have contracted the virus ”. “Trembling, I panic, I isolate myself in a room for 15 days without any symptoms”. On March 27, the woman was reached by telephone by the ASP and informed that the next day she would have to do the verification swab. Once done, wait one more day to finally learn that you have been negativized.

Doubts and ‘surprise’ Despite the relief for the good news, Maria continues to be tormented by doubts and so yesterday, April 2, she goes for a serological test, an exam that allows you to check if a person has come into contact with the virus. “I know that one can be positive and asymptomatic – he admits – however I decided to do this further test also because I had not had direct contact with the positive colleague as well as having always, and I always say, paid a lot of attention”. To make her suspicious, even the negativity to the swab of all her family members, including her husband. The answer to her questions comes from the test for anti-Sars Cov-2 antibodies: Maria has never come into contact with the virus.

“Anxiety, fear, isolation, distance from my children, the whole family that had to undergo a swab to find that I never had covid. Why did all this happen? Is it the result of a mistake? – asks the woman – I do not wish anyone to go through 15 days of terror as it happened to me “

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