LIVE COVID-19 – G7 “Target to end the pandemic in 2022”. Hope: “We look forward with confidence”. Yesterday 70,266 vaccines were administered in Lazio. Cancel it positive. EMA, Cavaleri: “Reserve J&J for over 60s”

LIVE COVID-19 – G7 “Target to end the pandemic in 2022”. Hope: “We look forward with confidence”. Yesterday 70,266 vaccines were administered in Lazio. Cancel it positive. EMA, Cavaleri: “Reserve J&J for over 60s”
LIVE COVID-19 – G7 “Target to end the pandemic in 2022”. Hope: “We look forward with confidence”. Yesterday 70,266 vaccines were administered in Lazio. Cancel it positive. EMA, Cavaleri: “Reserve J&J for over 60s”

The Coronavirus emergency continues to give no respite not only in Italy, but throughout the planet. As usual, the Ministry of Health shared the bulletin containing the updates relating to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. There are 1,723 new COVID-19 positives out of 212,966 processed swabs (antigenic and molecular). The deaths in one day are 52. The positivity rate is 0.8%. will update you LIVE with all the main news.

15:40 – “From the G7 the clear goal of vaccinating the world population and putting an end to the pandemic in 2022 emerged. “This was explained by EU sources at the end of the summit.

14:54 – The argentine government announced the extension until 25 June of an administrative decree concerning the restrictions of air connections in order to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, adding as a novelty also a 20% reduction in connections to and from Europe and the interruption of the routes to and from Turkey and Africa. He writes it The sun 24 hours.

14:27 – The G7 calls for a “timely and transparent” investigation into the origins of COVID-19. This is what we read in the final statement of the G7, mentioned Bloomberg got a copy.

14:09 – In Tuscany there are 243,375 cases of positivity al Covid, 123 more than yesterday: new cases are 0.1% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grew by 0.1% and reached 232,101 (95.4% of total cases). There are 261 hospitalized (13 fewer than yesterday), of which 66 in intensive care (4 fewer). Moreover, today there are 6 new deaths: 5 men and one woman with an average age of 77 years.

14:02 – Avoid the vaccine at over 60? “I am in the formal documents that Ema produces, we cannot attend the interviews every day. In the formal documents Ema is clear: it gives indications of use from 18 years upwards. The indications of our scientists who together with the Ministry of Health, and ‘Aifa, they go in the direction that I have indicated and that is on the use of AstraZeneca over 60 for both the first and second dose “. Thus the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, to the journalists met at the ministry commenting on the interview with La Stampa of the president of the Ema vaccine task force, Marco Cavaleri, regarding the possibility of avoiding serum even in over 60s.

13:21 – “We are confident that the number of deaths can go down and I hope that 95% of Italians will be in the white zone in the next 7 days and then all of Italy in the white zone. We must work to ensure that the number of deaths becomes zero, but all this is possible thanks vaccines. Let’s continue to work together as a team “. The Minister of Health said, Roberto Speranza, meeting with journalists to take stock of anti-Covid vaccinations.

13:02 – “I would like to reaffirm that the vaccination campaign is the weapon we have to end this phase. Tomorrow two thirds of the country will be in the white zone and this allows us to look with confidence and many other regions will be able to go in the white zone with this data”. The Minister of Health said, Roberto Speranza, meeting with journalists at the ministry to take stock of anti-Covid vaccinations.

12:16 – 87 new Covid infections have been recorded in the last 24 hours in Veneto and no deaths. The total number of infected since the beginning of the epidemic is set at 424,615, that of the victims remains unchanged from yesterday’s figure: 11,600. This was reported by the regional bulletin. The descent of clinical data continues. The current positives are 5,920 (-10); in hospitals there are 392 hospitalized in a non-critical area (-3), and 52 (-2) in intensive care.

12:06 – In the last 24 hours, in the Market have been identified 33 new cases of ‘Covid-19‘, 3.2% compared to the 1,043 molecular and antigenic swabs processed within the process for new diagnoses. The positive-test ratio performed is stable compared to the previous day. The total of positives identified since the start of the pandemic crisis thus rose to 103,411. This is learned from the first update of the regional health service. The new cases were identified 17 in the province of Macerata, 2 in the province of Ancona, 6 in that of Pesaro-Urbino, 2 in Fermano, 3 in Piceno and 3 outside the region. These cases include 8 symptomatic subjects, 11 contacts detected in the home environment, 8 close contacts with positives, 2 contacts detected in the workplace, 1 in a social environment; 3 contacts are in the process of epidemiological investigation.

11:42 – “Yesterday in the Lazio 70,266 doses of vaccine were administered, of which about 10 thousand Pfizer to the 12-16 year age group who will be vaccinated today as well. Overall, today we are attesting to exceed the quota of 4 million and 200 thousand administrations “. This was announced by the Crisis Unit of the Lazio region.” The campaign is proceeding at a good pace and the objectives set are achievable “adds the Regional Crisis Unit.

11:19 – The Portuguese federation has communicated that Joao Cancelor tested positive for coronavirus. The AC Milan player has been called up in his place for the European Championship Diogo Dalot. All the other players – the federation said – were instead negative.

11:00On 22 and 23 June about a thousand tourists will be able to receive the first or second dose of vaccine in Lignano Sabbiadoro, in the municipal gym, where a new hub is set up. This was announced by the vice president with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi. “It doesn’t stop there in Lignano – Riccardi announced – we will start the vaccination campaign also in Grado, and always with an eye to tourist realities, in Tarvisio with solutions aimed at other localities in the Friulian mountains “.

10:30The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics sold 4.8 million tickets, equivalent to approximately 42% of the capacity of the sports facilities, and if public participation in the events were to be confirmed an average of 225 thousand spectators are expected per day. The organizers together with the International Olympic Committee (CIO), after having already announced the ban on entry for foreign tourists in March, have reserved the right to decide on local spectators by the end of this month. At a press conference, the chief operating officer of the local organizing committee, Hidemasa Nakamura, said 70% of tickets sold for competitions to be held in Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures of Chiba, Kanagawa e Saitama, have been assigned to residents of the relevant areas. 40 days after the opening ceremony of the Games, a state of emergency has been in force in Tokyo from the end of April, until June 20, to try to reduce the number of Covid infections. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the capital has registered 165,600 infections with 2,140 confirmed deaths.

10:00“Talking about guinea pigs” about vaccinated people is “nonsense”, “vaccines have saved our lives, they are not the problem, they are the solution”. Professor Sergio Abrignani, member of the CTS, replies like this, interviewed a SkyTg24, to criticism of the vaccination campaign. The reply is also to those who spoke of ‘guinea pigs’ about the decision to administer a second dose different from Astrazeneca to the under 60s, about 900 thousand, who used that vaccine in the first instance. “Vaccines based on viral vectors have allowed us to limit deaths – he said – and side effects are very rare and in any case we have suggested this type of administration over the age of 60. Now for those under 60 already vaccinated with Astrazeneca they must be used other vaccines. It is not an experiment. It has already been done all over the world. We know that it is possible and that it is extremely safe vaccines thanks to works already started abroad. We are thus trying to eliminate the risk “.

09:30The government has decided to translate “peremptorily” the recommendations of the CTS, which in fact indicated the use of AstraZeneca for those over 60 and heterologous vaccination (therefore with Moderna or Pfizer) for those under 60 years and has already taken the first dose with VaxZevria serum. Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose preparation is also recommended for people over 60.

09:00Cavaleri does not condemn the AstraZeneca vaccine for which – remember – “accidents were very rare and after the first dose“. However, answering a question, he states that”banning AstraZeneca even for over 60s is an option that many countries, such as France and Germany, consider in light of the increased availability of mRna vaccines“. If this were the case, the serum of the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical giant would be completely excluded from the vaccination campaign. In short, now that there are fewer infections and more vaccines, it is better to use something else. The context was different at the end of March:” At the time we had considering a probable very rare association between AstraZeneca and thrombosis, but our position was and is that in a pandemic context the risk-benefit ratio remains favorable for all ages “, comments Cavaleri, only to add that on the AstraZeneca Openday” we would wish a more cautious approach to the availability of other vaccines. “Meanwhile, other vaccines are under the EMA’s magnifying glass for approval:” In September “Curevac will arrive,” it will be in mRna and will make up for the shortcomings of AstraZeneca. In the same period, Novavax will arrive, a traditional vaccine that will also be useful “.

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