Covid, what changes in the white zone: for wedding parties you need a green pass – All the rules

Covid, what changes in the white zone: for wedding parties you need a green pass – All the rules
Covid, what changes in the white zone: for wedding parties you need a green pass – All the rules

In the yellow areas and even in the white ones guests of weddings, baptisms and communions must show the green pass, i.e. the vaccination certificate (with both doses), the certificate of recovery or a negative swab taken in the previous 48 hours, as required by the decree of 18 May. Skip the limit 4 at the table, yes to showers in swimming pools and gyms. The new guidelines of the Regions provide, among other things, that in all activities “workers must use airway protection devices aimed at protecting the contagion”.

Covid: from Monday the first 3 white regions, here’s what changes

The rest of Italy remains yellow, but not for long. Four other regions have had white numbers, but only for two weeks in a row: they will be “promoted” from Monday 7 June. They are Abruzzo (incidence of 35 cases per hundred thousand), Liguria (28), Veneto (30) and Umbria (28), which have already fallen below 50 for two weeks. will remain constant, to which last Friday’s monitoring assigned an incidence below the risk threshold for the first week: Lazio (46 cases per hundred thousand), Lombardy (46), Piedmont (49), Emilia Romagna (45), Province of Trento (45) and Puglia, which is assigned a 50 but will probably still be considered below the threshold.

At the national level, the incidence has fallen below 50, below which, according to the experts of the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, it is possible to resume effective tracing, abandoning most of the containment measures: to date the national incidence is at 47, a given last seen on 10 October 2020, over 7 months ago. At the peak of the second wave in November, it had shot up to over 410.

In yellow from 14 June only 7 regions will remain – Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Marche, Sicily, Tuscany and Valle d’Aosta – and the province of Bolzano, which have an incidence between 79 cases in Valle d’Aosta and 53 of Sicily. But if the decline of the virus continues at the pace of the last three weeks, from the next monitoring these will also have data from the white area and, therefore, will be from 21 June.

But what can be done in the white zone?

In fact, the progressive openings established for the yellow zone in June and July are anticipated: game rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls, casinos reopen, but also theme and amusement parks, cultural, social and recreational centers, post-ceremony parties, and discos ( where for the moment you can eat but not dance). No curfew: to remember that we are still in the Covid era, only the mandatory masks and the distancing will remain, which the governors can guarantee and regulate even with specific ordinances.

What should restaurateurs do before opening?

Define “the maximum number of simultaneous presences (outdoors and especially indoors) in relation to the volumes of space and air changes”. And to make hand sanitizing products available and mandatory for customers and staff, even in several parts of the room.

What distance must there be between the tables?

“At least 1 meter of separation between customers of different tables in indoor environments (extendable to at least 2 meters based on the epidemiological risk scenario) and at least 1 meter of separation in outdoor environments (gardens, terraces, stalls, dehors ) “.

Is the green pass mandatory at banquets for weddings and ceremonies?

Yes, the green pass is mandatory. Today, the Regions have backtracked: it seemed that the green pass was not needed for the white areas, instead it will also be necessary in these areas.

What are the curfew times?

In the yellow zone there is a curfew from 11pm to 5am until June 6.
From 7 June from 24 to 5.
From 21 June there is no curfew.
In the white zone there is no curfew.

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