Covid Bologna: contagions on the rise today. “Rt index at 0.73, high incidence” – Chronicle

Covid Bologna: contagions on the rise today. “Rt index at 0.73, high incidence” – Chronicle
Covid Bologna: contagions on the rise today. “Rt index at 0.73, high incidence” – Chronicle
Bologna, 3 April 2021 – They remain above 300 i contagion in the province of Bologna. The Covid bulletin today, April 3, account 370 new positives (yesterday 300), of which 251 symptomatic, and another 9 deaths: three women of 87, 91 and 92 years and six men of 58, 63, two of 70 – of which one resident in Imola – then 81 and 83 years.

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Although theindice Rt is “fairly stable” at 0.73 and potentially “will fluctuate between 0.7 and 0.80-0.85” in the next few days, the incidence rate of Covid-19 infections remains high: they are in fact “more than 300 cases per 100,000 inhabitants“, numbers that are not enough when the safety threshold reaches 250. This is what the director of the Public Health Department reports, Paolo Pandolfi, who this morning met the press in front of the new vaccination hub in the bus station, taking stock of the situation in the area.

“The incidence rate right now is just over 300 cases per 100,000 population it was in the previous week 430, the still earlier one was 600. It is evident that it is decreasing but still this week we are at levels that give us a ‘alert‘important “, Pandolfi enumerates, hoping that next week we will get to go” below 250 “, which would mean that” there was an effect, but the real effect had to be at least below 100, instead there is no we will do “. For this reason, despite the Rt index now” in conditions of stability and clearly and significantly below 1 “, it will still take some time to ensure that this data has a positive impact on the pressure in hospitals.

“I think that after Easter we will begin to see some effect on hospitals. The problem is, we don’t see a sufficient decrease in absolute cases. There is a relatively high number of infections so the circulation of the virus is absolutely not blocked “, continues Pandolfi. This translates into a particular attention” especially with theopening of schools, which can be a vulnus “, without forgetting” the whole world of relationships between adults and young people who at this time as well as in the past with the red zone have not had a real block. This is the slightly more critical point. ”

From this point of view April it is a “decisive month”, because it is a month in which the virus ‘enjoys’ a lot, but if we manage to carry out our prevention and prophylaxis activities, we prepare very well for the months unfavorable to the virus: May, June and July, where there have been major falls in the contagion “. In this context, however, the uncertainty caused by the variants currently in circulation remains. “We do not really know what could happen with the new variants. It is very important to monitor, also because at the moment in this area most of the infections are from the English variant: we are around 90% abundant”, concludes Pandolfi.

Bonaccini: “Vaccines at the fair also at Easter and Easter Monday”

“At the vaccinal point of the Bologna Fair, as well as throughout Emilia Romagna, the vaccinations also to Easter e Easter Monday. Here to give a pinch of lightheartedness will be present the lane clown, volunteers of the Bologna Committee of the Red Cross, always ready to put themselves at the service of the community. Thanks to them and to all the health personnel involved in vaccination operations “. Stefano Bonaccini.

Covid data from Imola and the district

The 686 people vaccinated yesterday in the area lead to 23,248 vaccinations total, with 7,463 people immunized with the second dose and 15,785 who performed the first.

On 407 molecular swabs and 355 fast antigenic, they are still 40 new positive cases registered by the Local Health Authority of Imola (6 up to 14 years, 3 in the 15-24 age group; 13 in the 25-44 age group; 11 in the 45-64 age group; 7 from 65 years and older), of which, as yesterday, 17 asymptomatic and 23 symptomatic. 17 positivity emerged through tracing, 22 people were already isolated and only 1 is attributable to a known outbreak.

Unfortunately today the death of a 70-year-old man from Imola. THE healed are 98. The active cases are 1,078, the total cases are 11,702 since the beginning of the pandemic. Still 72 i hospitalizations Covid internists, 8 hospitalizations in Ecu and 20 in intensive care, of which 7 in Imola and 21 post-acute hospitalizations at OsCo Covid.

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