the bulletin of April 3, 2021

the bulletin of April 3, 2021
the bulletin of April 3, 2021

Contagions and hospitalizations on the rise. Hospitals subjected to unprecedented pressure. Even today, Easter Eve (Saturday 3 April) bad news arrives from the epidemiological bulletin of the Puglia Region, gripped in the grip of Covid. In one day, 2,142 new cases of positivity were recorded compared to 2,044 yesterday, compared to 12,636 swabs processed, compared to 14,031 tests carried out yesterday. The number of beds occupied in Covid departments is also growing inexorably. Currently 2,153 people are hospitalized, an increase of 11 units compared to yesterday. There are 23 deaths. In one day 700 people were healed, for a total of 143.80 healings since the beginning of the pandemic.

The infections are also growing in the province of Brindisi, where 173 new cases are recorded, compared to the 137 infections detected yesterday. The remaining part of the new infections is distributed as follows: 711 in the province of Bari, 183 in the BAT province, 241 in the province of Foggia, 256 in the province of Lecce, 574 in the province of Taranto, 3 cases of residents outside the region, 1 case of the province of unknown residence. 23 deaths were recorded: 12 in the province of Bari, 1 in the province of Brindisi, 4 in the province of Bat, 1 in the province of Foggia, 1 in the province of Lecce, 4 in the province of Taranto.

Since the beginning of the emergency, 1,912,783 tests have been carried out: 144,505 patients are cured; 50,166 are currently positive cases. The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia is 199,567 divided as follows: 78,048 in the Province of Bari; 19,452 in the Province of Bat; 14,553 in the Province of Brindisi; 36,727 in the Province of Foggia; 18,898 in the Province of Lecce; 30,902 in the Province of Taranto; 694 attributed to residents outside the region; 293 province of residence not known.

The ASL prevention departments have activated all the procedures for the acquisition of anamnestic and epidemiological information, aimed at tracing close contacts.

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Intensive care units 45 percent occupied

The situation, therefore, is extremely critical in hospitals. This is confirmed by the daily monitoring of the Agenas (National Agency for Regional Health Services) regarding the occupancy rate of beds. With the data updated to yesterday, April 2, the percentage of occupancy of beds in Infectious Diseases and Pneumology by Covid patients in Puglia has risen to 50% (one point more than the previous day), while that of Intensive Care is at 45% (stable for three days). Specifically in the numbers, until yesterday there were 263 patients hospitalized in the CPRs in Puglia (14 were the new entrants), while the people assisted in the ‘non-critical area’ were 1,879. In any case, the percentage of occupancy of the beds marks numbers well above the critical thresholds set by the Ministry (30% for Intensive Care, 40% for non-critical Area wards).

The hospitalizations in the province of Brindisi

140 people are currently hospitalized in the province of Brindisi. The Ostuni hospital hosts 32 patients in Internal Medicine and 28 in Pneumology. Al Perrino, on the other hand, there are 18 patients in infectious diseases, 25 in pneumology, 26 in internal medicine, 11 in resuscitation. Two deaths: a 76-year-old patient in intensive care and an 83-year-old patient in Medicine in Ostuni. The Post Covid hosts 9 patients in Mesagne, 9 in Ceglie Messapica, 5 in Cisternino, 7 in San Pietro Vernotico.

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