Covid, 10 new cases in Liguria. Toti: “AstraZeneca to the volunteers was an indication of Rome”

Covid, 10 new cases in Liguria. Toti: “AstraZeneca to the volunteers was an indication of Rome”
Covid, 10 new cases in Liguria. Toti: “AstraZeneca to the volunteers was an indication of Rome”

Genoa – “The CTS has informed us that the use of AstraZeneca is suspended for all citizens under the age of 60. Those who are booked as a volunteer will keep the first appointment but will be vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna. The second doses of the volunteers who have under the age of 60 they will probably be Pfizer or Moderna it will happen 12 weeks later, however, but we await indications from the Ministry“Thus the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti commenting on the decisions of the CTS in the weekly press conference on the progress of the epidemic.

“2,400 citizens have chosen AstraZeneca as volunteers and are waiting to have the first dose, they will have Pfizer and Moderna with the same appointment. For those over 60, the rules do not change, AstraZeneca is planned but we have already opened the possibility of booking with other vaccines also for these age groups. “And on the decision to carry out open days, offering young volunteers the opportunity to get vaccinated. with AstraZeneca, Toti reiterated: “Opening up to volunteers was a precise indication of Rome, not a free interpretation of the individual Regions. The rules have changed and as always we will adapt, the blame is never nice “.

Filippo Ansaldi, Alisa’s prevention manager: “Ornai we travel on very low incidences, very close to zero. We are approaching the European green zone, with an incidence every 14 days of less than 25 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants. The weekly incidence per 100 thousand inhabitants, on the other hand, is 10 cases, with Imperia being so low as to be close to zero. The RT is 0.64, while the occupancy rates of the beds are 10% for intensive care and 4% for hospitalizations in the medical area “.

Barbara Rebesco, Logistics Manager of Alisa’s vaccine: “The daily average of administrations went from 12,210 in the week from 17 to 23 May to 17,332 this last week. The update on deliveries scheduled for June is 417,030 doses between those already delivered and those planned. With this rate of administration we could reach 80 percent of the population vaccinated on August 27 “.

“The hospitals are emptying – said Angelo Gratarola, regional head of the Emergency – but there is great pressure on the emergency room with a massive return of traditional pathologies. It is a sign of a return to the pre-Covid period. At San Martino we are exceeding 200 daily visits to the emergency room “.

Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Hospital in Genoa: “The Infectious Diseases Department it is Covid free, last night the last positive patient was discharged after having been constantly full for 11 consecutive months, with 900 patients who passed through us for hospitalization.

The data of the day
I’m 10 new cases of coronavirus positivity found in Liguria in 24 hours, compared to 2,776 molecular swabs, to which are added another 1,959 rapid antigenic swabs.

The details of the new cases based on the residence of the person tested:
Imperia (Asl 1): 0
Savona (Asl 2): ​​2
Genoa: 6, of which:
• Asl 3: 6
• Asl 4: 0
La Spezia (Asl 5): 2
In the last 24 hours it has occurred a death related to Covid, a 92-year-old woman.

Data on vaccinations
In the last 24 hours they were administered 18,356 doses of the vaccine, which bring the total from the beginning of the campaign to 1,107,063 out of 1,200,130 (92% the percentage of doses administered).

The trend of vaccinations in Liguria

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