Covid, the point: Sardinia at moderate risk

Covid, the point: Sardinia at moderate risk
Covid, the point: Sardinia at moderate risk

CAGLIARI. All the regions and autonomous provinces are classified as low risk, but Sardinia is the only one at moderate risk. It is when it emerges from the data of the weekly ISS-Ministry of Health monitoring on the progress of Covid cases.

The new outbreaks that have developed, such as that of Aritzo, weigh heavily, even if Sardinia maintains one incidence of cases per 100 thousand inhabitants among the lowest in Italy, 12, and a Rt below 1, albeit increasing (0.9 ).

And the contagion curve remains stable: in the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit there are 21 new cases (yesterday 19) and two deaths (1,483 in all). Overall, 56,977 positives have been ascertained on the island since the beginning of the emergency.

In total, 1,334,261 swabs were performed, an increase of 3,340 tests compared to the previous figure. The positivity rate is 0.6%. Covid beds in hospitals continue to empty: 83 (-4) people currently hospitalized in the medical area, while the number of patients (5) in intensive care is stable, where there are no new entries. There are 11,985 people in home isolation, a total of 43,421 healed (+79).

On the vaccine front, the number of doses administered in Sardinia has risen to 1,052,964 since the start of the campaign. In the last 24 hours the inoculated doses were 19,122, an increase compared to the previous days.

Meanwhile, the vaccination campaign for the smaller islands is about to end, for which the second administrations in La Maddalena were completed last week. From today to Sunday we proceed with the second inoculations for the citizens of Carloforte, where, in the first phase, 90% of the vaccinable population was immunized. The campaign on the islands will then complete the cycle with the next stop in Sant’Antioco. (HANDLE)

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