He falls ill with Covid in Bergamo and is treated in Rovereto: Fabio Cancelli returns to Trentino to thank the doctor who saved him (VIDEO)

ROVERETO. “In the spring of 2020 I have sick of Covid and I have risked dying, my family members waited day by day for the fateful call, which fortunately never arrived: they saved my life by moving al resuscitation department of Rovereto, where I am woke up after a month“. To speak is the 54-year-old Fabio Cancelli from Bergamo than in March of last year, after having seriously ill from Covid, has been transferred from the Pope John XXIII hospital of Bergamo, (where the sleeping situation was dramatic) al Santa Maria of Carmine of Rovereto. There it was taken charge from the primary of resuscitation Giovanni Pedrotti and his staff e he recovered after long days of treatment. Over the past few days Gates is got back in Trentino per thank the team that has him saved the vita e to greet a friend known in Hospital.

His story was told in a video, made by the Apt Val of Fassa in cooperation with l’Apss. Gates ha retraced a board of his car the travel accomplished a year ago in an ambulance, of which he remembers nothing, per to go a to thank the primary resuscitation and it staff of the Santa Maria del Carmine. “You have been angels – the man from Bergamo told them, with shining eyes and a smile hidden under his mask – you have me saved”.

Happy to return (in salute) of 54 years old Dr. Pedrotti, which seeing him has they point out the satisfaction in knowing that: “Cancel like other patients, protagonists together with us of a extraordinary historical moment characterized by uncertainties e fears, I am come out well“. After stopping at Rovereto, Cancelli has then continued for the Val di Fassa, for meet Angelo Fosco, hotelier in Canazei with whom he befriended during the last days of hospitalization.

“I had promised to Angelo that I would go a find it one time exceeded the pandemic – Cancelli said – I love the mountains very much, in particular Trentino, and for relax I frequently to observe from webcams Canazei e the Dolomites“. The two friends got together, after faced the nightmare together of Coronavirus, to finally talk to a little of serenity of the bad adventure overcome, exchanging jokes in from Bergamo and in ladino.


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