Covid, the strange case of healings in Cameroon

Some pool of experts should investigate why there are about one hundred thousand deaths from covid throughout Africa, as many as Italy. I understand that after all the money the West has spent on vaccines, we need to focus on them at full throttle, however a look at the continent below us could also be given. Someone will say that in those parts there is not too much to trust the registry and the numbers. But it is also true that, when it comes to invoking aid, the numbers (of refugees, sick, hungry, persecuted, etc.) in those parts are usually exaggerated, not diminished. And so drastically. One hundred thousand dead alone, and on a continent where sanitary (and hygienic) facilities are what they are, when they exist. Be that as it may, it does not seem that theWHO is worrying too much, even though its president is African.

A spotlight, for example, should be focused on Cameroon, where something singular happens that deserves the first pages. The specialist Anna Bono in the online newspaper The New Daily Compass of April 1, reported the following: “In Cameroon alone, thousands of people have been cured of coronavirus for a year by being treated with two herbal medicines, Elixir Covid e Adsak Covid, created by Monsignor Samuel Kleda, archbishop of the economic capital Douala, expert in the use of medicinal herbs ». So can you heal by drinking herbal teas? In truth, “Monsignor Kleda announced in March that he had found a cure that could alleviate the symptoms of the coronavirus. Immediately after, the archdiocese of Douala opened dispensaries to distribute the two treatments for free. People rushed up ». Result? “Even people hospitalized got the treatment and recovered. The percentage of deaths among those seriously affected by the virus has also decreased ”. Interviewed, the prelate affirms that “we have distributed the treatment to hundreds of people and all have recovered”.

Given the results, Cameroonian politicians and businessmen have started fundraisers to produce large quantities of those medicines. The prime minister and the health minister took this very seriously and summoned the archbishop to parliament. Thus, Cameroon has decided to sell the two products on foreign markets, but to administer them free of charge at home through the Catholic health centers of Douala and the capital Yaoundé, where most of the cases of covid have been recorded. Someone, having read up to this point, will have wondered: why don’t Draghi-Di Maio-Speranza pick up the phone and call Cameroon, at least to get information? Someone else, going further, may wonder why the phone doesn’t pick it up Ghebreyesus. Can I maliciously advance an explanation? Here she is. That of Cameroon is herbal medicine, not chemical. And imagine if the virologists, epidemiologists, all-rounders of the US, the EU and the Commonwealth lower themselves to look into Galileo’s telescope.

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