Coronavirus, 2,079 new cases with 205,335 swabs: 1% incidence. The deaths are 88

I’m 2.079 i positive to the coronavirus test in Italy in the last 24 hours with 205,335 swabs processed, of which 98.092 rapid antigenic. L’incidence is confirmed at1%. I’m 88 the victims in one day. THE hospitalized with symptoms drop further (-229) and also the terapie intensive fall back with 35 beds more free than on Wednesday, notwithstanding 30 entrances (14 of which in Lazio). The comparison Monday Thursday of this week with the past one signals a further improvement of epidemiological picture: despite a increased tampons, which went from 632,700 to 729,557, the number of new infected people decreased 7.447 (there were 9,168). Intensive care admissions are also decreasing, 40 less (90-136) and the incidence of molecular buffers, which increased from 2.6% to 1,8.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I am 4.239.868 confirmed cases of infection with Sars-Cov-2 in Italy. Of these in 3.943.704 I’m healed or have been discharged while 126.855 died. In 169.309 are currently positive: 164.530 they are in home isolation, while 4.153 I’m hospitalized with symptoms in Covid and other departments 626 they are assisted in intensive care. The region that has recorded the greatest increase in new positives in the last 24 hours is the Lombardy, with 352 almost. They follow the Sicily (284), the Campania (209), the Lazio (194), the Tuscany (174), l’Emilia Romagna (145), the Piedmont (137) and the Puglia (123). All the other areas of the country report increases between the 88 infected in the Veneto and 6 of Molise.

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